Lamination: High-tech, dot for dot.

Trans-Textil produces two-ply, three-ply and multi-ply textile laminate systems, whereby modern irreversible hot-melt adhesives, precise electronic dot bonding control and extensive know-how in the field of membranes ensure optimum results.
We set standards in our continual efforts to take lamination technology even further.

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Point-in-Point technology:

With the unique point-in-point technology, Trans-Textil creates a precisely controlled application of adhesive in the multilayer laminate.

  • up to 60% less membrane coverage with non-breathable adhesive and thus 60% greater garment breathability
  • low-warpage fabric systems
  • improved adhesion
  • lower distortional tendency
  • lower wear and care due to use and care of the final product
  • precise online lamination control

OnPoint technology: Right to the point

In two-ply fabric systems, OnPoint technology makes it possible to optimise the application of the adhesive to the requirements of the job for improved lamination, thus providing:

  • enhanced wear comfort
  • improved breathability
  • lower overall weight
  • smaller pack size
  • precise online lamination control


Fabrics: Wovens, warp-knitted fabrics, nonwovens and knits ranging from 20 g/m2 to 500 g/m2.

Membranes made of PU, ePTFE, PES and double-layered membrane systems.

Trans-Textil produces finished laminates and also carries out contract lamination for its partners.