Vital in high-tension situations: antistatic garments according to EN 1149

Antistatic materials help prevent injury in situations involving the buildup of static electricity. Apart from possessing static dissipative properties, the clothing has to fulfil a wide range of other protective functions. For example, it has to be waterproof and ensure high visibility in outdoor incidents while offering high breathability and protection from flames and heat.

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EN 1149
Protective clothing with
electrostatic properties

 Protection thanks to carbon fibres

Carbon filaments woven into outer fabric laminates involving a modacryl/cotton mix and NEGA-STAT® filaments conduct electric charges along the outer surface of the apparel and into the floor, thus protecting the body.

Antistatic Topaz carbon membrane

By meeting EN 1149 antistatic workwear requirements in the breathable moisture barrier, Topaz carbon membranes enable a broader range of choices in textile components.