Multifunctional laminates for protection and safety

Trans-Textil provides technological solutions for sophisticated multifunctional products that ensure professional protection and well-being in all circumstances.

We continuously engage in the development of new textile solutions for personal protective equipment in close collaboration with our customers.

Typical application fields concern public services, industry, special task forces, emergency services and industrial rental laundry operations:

  • EN 343 Protection against foul weather
  • EN 469 / EN ISO 11612 /HuPF Protective clothing for fire-fighters & heat-exposed work
  • EN ISO 20471 High-visibility warning clothing
  • EN 1149 Protective clothing with electrostatic properties
  • EN 344-1 Shoe laminates for safety shoe
  • EN 13795 Surgical gowns and drapes
  • EN 342 Garments for protection against cold
  • Leisure & sport apparel
  • Motorbike clothing


In many application areas, leasing protective clothing is an attractive economic alternative to the direct purchase of such apparel. The functional textiles that Trans-Textil produces for protective clothing and medical applications have long proven their worth in industrial garment washing and re-processing and are certified according to EN ISO 15797. Offering not only dependable protection but also longevity over countless laundry cycles, the multifunctional laminates are a highly economical proposition for the textile leasing sector.

Increased use of recycled fibers

By using recycled textile components in membrane laminates, Trans-Textil further increases the proportion of recycled material in functional textiles. Test reports from independent institutes confirm the consistently high technical performance. The laminates are unrestrictedly suitable for standardized weather and high-visibility clothing, for example in accordance with EN 20471 or EN 343, as well as for functional laminates in the field of outdoor and sports. Only textiles based on post-consumer raw materials that are certified in accordance with recognized recycling standards are used.

Trans-Textil is a partner in the PROSYS-Laser-projekt. PROSYS-Laser is dedicated to developing highly innovative “passive” and “active” laser protective clothing for use with hand-held laser processing devices (HLD) and curtains for use with automated laser machines, which are not available on the market today.

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