Functional textile solutions for VAP® resin infusion technology

Trans-Textil provides quality-assured membrane systems for use with fibre reinforced composites in a wide range of applications. Optimised in line with the respective requirements, they demonstrate particular strengths in terms of controllable gas permeability and in acting as a barrier to various resins.

In the production of fibre-reinforced plastic components on the basis of membrane-supported VAP® technology, liquid resin is poured into moulds and the whole structure is covered with a membrane system made by Trans-Textil. Air molecules trapped in the resin can cause fractures and thus have to be extracted under vacuum. In this, the membrane systems by Trans-Textil fulfil two purposes: they hold the resin in shape and offer micropores through which gasous molecules are able to escape reliably.

Trans-Textil GmbH is the exclusive manufacturer of the VAP® membrane systems and owns together with AIRBUS patents on membrane products and processes in the field of vacuum infusion.

Development and production of VAP® membrane systems

Trans-Textil’s work as a functional fabric specialist involves the development and production of sophisticated textile systems for use in VAP® membrane-assisted low pressure infiltration. Our VAP® membrane systems – the central component in the VAP® approach – are continuously adapted and optimized according to differing process variables and practical requirements, whereby our broad portfolio of semi-permeable barrier layers, the choice of a suitable textile carrier and precise production control enables us to develop flexible solutions tailored to the resin system and process variants involved.

Along with adaptations according to specific requirements, these special solutions broaden the range of possible uses for our VAP® membrane systems still further.

VAP® membrane qualified for aviation applications

Trans-Textil GmbH, exclusive manufacturer of central components for the patented VAP® method, has qualified its patented C2003 VAP® membrane system for aviation applications together with its partners Airbus Deutschland GmbH and Premium Aerotec GmbH. This places a new high-temperature-resistant and practically transparent material on the market for membrane-assisted vacuum infusion in the aerospace sector. The C2003 membrane system, a complete new development by Trans-Textil, acts as a reliable resin barrier for vacuum infusion processes and ensures dependable air and gas evacuation over the entire component surface. Specifically developed for use with certain resin systems at defined temperatures (up to 190°), it is already proving of value in the fabrication of aviation components.

Ready-mades for use in membrane-assisted vacuum infusion

Specially devised to facilitate the vacuum infusion process in intricate components, VAP® 3D ready-mades reliably remove air and gas residues from the matrix around where they are deployed. Thanks also to their semi-permeable characteristics, they support use of VAP® membrane systems over entire component surfaces in exacting fabrication and repair assignments.

Produced with the help of advanced lamination system and coating technologies, the functional multi-layer textile products can be tailored by Trans-Textil to individual requirements in terms of:

  • roll length
  • width
  • material combinations

Coming with a flat configuration and integrated breather layer, VAP® 3D ready-mades leave barely a mark on component surfaces, and are suited for modules of every size in wind turbine blade production, boat building, further industrial applications and aviation.

VAP® Strips – Customized roll widths and lengths
VAP® Tubes – Complete with integrated breather layer
VAP® Tapes Self-adhesive
VAP® Filter – and individualised 3D ready-mades

VAP®3D: Solutions adapted to component form

As part of the AZIMUT and RoCk projects and working in response to calls for automated and optimized process chains, Trans-Textil and its partners have developed a new made-to-shape approach especially devised for large aviation structures that need to be fabricated in one integral process. Starting with the geometry data of the Airbus A350 pressure bulkhead, this involved compiling the layers in the VAP® process lay-up into a VAP® 3D material kit made up of instant-use textile auxiliaries that have been tailored to the precise shape of the component mold. Aviation-qualified materials combined in newly-developed cutting and joining techniques were solely used.

The large-scale, multi-layer made-to-shape solutions come with robot grip straps for swift, automatic and precisely-positioned layer stacking in the mold. This almost entirely eliminates the need for laborious cutting work and other preparatory tasks such as joining, positioning, repositioning and fixing the layers by hand. The VAP® 3D material kit has already proved its worth in a trial involving a full-size Airbus A350 pressure bulkhead.

Practice-oriented adaptation

Thanks to the applications engineering experience of the VAP® Network partners and their expertise in made-to-shape solutions, VAP® membrane systems proven in aviation and industrial applications and further textile components (such as 01870 Flow Aid by Trans-Textil) can now be adapted to specific individual requirements for component fabrication.

Quality made in Germany

In its VAP® lab, Trans-Textil develops and tests combinations of membrane laminates, resins and processing approaches under realistic conditions.

Oeko-Tex certificate confirms human ecology safety

With the certification of VAP® products “Made in Germany” to the latest criteria of the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, Trans-Textil and Composyst once again demonstrate the high environmental standard of their vacuum infusion products. In the manufacture of our patented semi-permeable functional product CS/E, 3D ready-mades, multi-layer systems and flow media we intentionally avoid the use of polluting substances. Free of substances classified as hazardous, the products ensure a high level of process performance in the VAP® technology combined with occupational safety as well as the lowest emissions during production and use.

The Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex is an international, independent testing and certification system for textile products. It certifies the human ecology safety as well as the conformity with all currently valid limit values in part far beyond the legal requirements.

Airbus and Trans-Textil are owners of patents on membrane products and processes in the field of vacuum infusion, e.g. VAP® vacuum infusion process (DE 102010 011 067 B4 and DE 10 2008 006261 B3 as well as international PCT patent application WO 2011/110340 A1 and WO 2009/092543 A1, as well as domestic and foreign patent applications and patents resulting therefrom). Without the consent of Airbus and Trans-Textil, the patented membrane products may not be manufactured, offered, supplied, placed on the market, used or imported for the aforementioned purposes, nor may they be owned. The use of such membrane products for resin infusion processes is only permitted in connection with membrane products manufactured by Trans-Textil GmbH. The membrane products are purchased from the authorized distributor Composyst GmbH. VAP® and the VAP logo are internationally registered trademarks of Airbus Defence and Space GmbH. Their use is only permitted with the consent of the trademark owner.


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