Textile finishes for extra protection

In the field of textile auxiliaries, Trans-Textil brings its extensive expertise to bear in the provision of a textile finish to functional fabrics. Thanks to its cutting-edge equipment and highly-qualified team of scientists and technicians, it is able to fulfil the most demanding of requirements regarding resistance to heat, flames, water, oil and dirt.

Topaz Clean4Green

Topaz Clean4Green is an ecofriendly finish that provides optimum water repellence for leisure apparel and light protective clothing. Topaz Clean4Green does not involve silicone or halogen and has an aqueous base, making this finish for rough weather protection an environmentally compatible alternative in terms of production, further processing and use.

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Topaz Dual Guard

Topaz Dual Guard protects apparel in a double way – not only does the novel finish lastingly repel water, oil and dirt, it also offers improved wash removal of oil and graphite stains, thus helping EN ISO 20471 protective clothing to retain its high visibility for a longer period. Topaz Dual Guard also offers all the conventional product features required for personal protective equipment and along with enhanced longevity, ensures economic efficiency with regard to industrial washing and finishing procedures.

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Topaz Power Guard

Topaz power guard, a multifunctional finish developed by Trans-Textil, guarantees safety in challenging situations by providing turnout gear with very good repellency against gasoline, excellent repellency against water and outstanding repellency against mineral oil.

Even after the clothing has undergone multiple wash cycles. Flame-retardant laminates treated with topaz power guard provide additional protection against direct contact with liquid fuels, such as gasoline and kerosene, and are used by the police in special operations apparel and also in the protective clothing deployed in oil refineries. 

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FC Finish

Fabrics provided with a FC finish permanently repel water, oil and dirt.

We provide textile finishes with:

  • antistatic characteristics
  • flame retardant characteristics
  • hydrophilic characteristics

Our textile finish formulae are continuously enhanced, tested and optimised in our in-house Application Technology Department.

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