Coatings for additional synergy effects

The cutting-edge processes deployed by Trans-Textil in the coating of fabrics, membranes or finished laminates yield new synergistic effects. Our Applications Technology Department develops and implements new solutions according to customers’ requirements by varying different process parameters. These range from whole area or intermittent application and use of rotary screens or doctor blades to application in foam or paste form and deployment first and foremost of aqueous coatings as well as solvent-based ones.

TOPAZ DOTS coating

Multi Point Coating Thanks to intermittent coating of the carrier material with foam nubs, Trans-Textil is able to achieve additional heat isolation layers and various synergistic effects, even in the case of finished laminates.

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Activated carbon

Trans-Textil offers the option of coatings processed using activated carbon technologies. Textiles, laminates and membrane components can be provided with additional effects in this way, such as antistatic characteristics.

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AQUAIR® – Breathable imitation leather on solvent-free aqueous coating basis

Purely water-based formulation components are the starting point for AQUAIR®, the highly breathable synthetic leather by Trans-Textil. The manufacturing process not only completely dispenses with organic solvents, but also offers a high degree of design freedom in terms of structure, colouring and tech-nical properties of the abrasion-resistant AQUAIR® functional layer. In conjunction with the extensive portfolio of membrane systems, substrates and textile technologies, the process creates sophisticated multi-layer products for shoe, apparel, furniture or accessories.

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