100% vegan

Breathable imitation leather on solvent-free, aqueous coating basis

AQUAIR®, the highly breathable imitation leather from Trans-Textil, takes components on a purely aqueous basis as its starting point. The manufacturing process uses no organic solvents whatsoever. Water-based formulations are the basis for a significantly reduced ecological footprint over the entire lifecycle and have a lower impact for both people and the environment.

With AQUAIR® we have made synthetic leather breathable!

Breathability describes the permeability of functional textiles for water vapour. By transporting sweat away from the body, it plays an important part in creating a balanced microclimate under clothing and in shoes while also enhancing comfort and wellbeing.

The unique microporous polyurethane structure of AQUAIR® is permeable to water vapour and ensures the utmost comfort when combined with individually selected textiles.

Individuality in any situation

Breathability only works if all components of a textile material compound are permeable to water vapour. Combined with a broad portfolio of similarly breathable textiles and waterproof Topaz membrane systems, AQUAIR® allows the specialist production of functional and highly individual products in terms of both design and composition.


The environmentally friendly aqueous polyurethane formula enables individual colours to be realised along with embossed designs with a classic or exotic leather look, textile textures or technical patterns.

Topaz membrane systemes

As an additional feature, the similarly breathable PFAS-free* Topaz membrane systems on a PU or PES basis can be used for the design of water- and windproof laminates.

Textile components

The wise range of textile substrates and spacer systems based on fabric, knitted fabric or nonwoven are suitable as an intermediate layer or wrong side.

Topaz Tapes

Trans-Textil supplies Topaz TAPES seam-sealing tapes that are perfect for reliably sealing seams on waterproof AQUAIR® fabric systems during garment fabrication. The Topaz ELEMENTS® Tape also features aqueous technology.

Performance and ecological responsibility

100% Vegan

AQUAIR® bears the test mark “100% Vegan” from the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens (PFI), meaning that no components or products of animal origin are used anywhere in the product or for any component or manufacturing step.

Safe from a human-ecological perspective

AQUAIR® uses exclusively components and finishing processes that comply with the latest criteria of the OEKO-TEX® standard 100 in terms of the safety of textile products from a human-ecological perspective.

Regional supply chain

AQUAIR® is manufactured and processed to produce individual compounds exclusively in Germany. We procure other components from longstanding partners via short routes in a European supply chain.

Thanks to its high mechanical strength and elasticity, AQUAIR® is the optimal foundation for ecologically superior and functional products in the fields of

  • Shoe components
  • Leisure, sports and outdoor clothing
  • Bags & accessories
  • Upholstery and furniture
  • Technical applications

Trans-Textil and Covestro

The microporous AQUAIR® PU system is based on the aqueous and highly sustainable INSQIN® technology from our partner Covestro, whose coated textiles are manufactured using up to 95 percent less water and 50 percent less energy than conventional processes. Completely unique qualities are produced in combination with the technologies from Trans-Textil, offering a level of comfort and functionality that have raised the bar for imitation leather.

High technical, ecological and ethical standards in a highly individual product design are the underlying concept of AQUAIR®. The finishing touch is the “100% Vegan” seal of the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens (PFI). The benchmark of the PFI: the test mark is awarded if the product, the ingredients and the manufacturing process are proven to be vegan and not of animal origin. Compliance with the criteria is monitored by the Institute, confirmed as necessary by lab tests and regularly inspected.