Protection against cold in line with the EN 342 standard

Changes between warm and cold environments are just part of the job in many situations. To provide the right protection day and night, summer and winter, clothing needs to be made of the right materials. Trans-Textil’s multifunction concept offers provision of protection from the cold plus many other functions for different occupations all over the world.

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EN 342
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Soft fabrics involving materials with large areas of trapped air are the main textiles used for insulation against the cold. For protection in foul weather, polyester-based fleece materials are laminated with membranes.

In three-ply laminates in particular, fleece is usually the layer closest to the skin. Trans-Textil maintains the pleasant textile feel of the fabric with the help of such special lamination technologies as its proprietary Point-in-Point process.

Combi jackets

Two-ply laminate liners consisting of a membrane and a material that provides protection from the cold are freely suspended inside combi jackets.

Insulation with spacer systems

Providing protection from cold and heat alike, spacer systems made of PU coatings create an additional insulating layer of air to maintain a constant temperature within garment systems.