Seam sealing for clothing and technical applications

To ensure that seams with the same characteristics as the laminate, Trans-Textil provides the tespective Topaz seam sealing tapes. We test our seam sealing tapes in our in-house lab to ensure that they fulfil all requirements for use in garment production and a broad range of technical applications. Topaz Tapes provide reliable sealing and a long service life of high quality functional apparel in a broad portfolio of applications:

  • Shoe laminates
  • PPE & Workear
  • Surgical laminates
  • Outdoor, leisture & sports wear
  • Technical ready-mades

Thanks to flexible production techniques, the Topaz Tapes are specifically adapted to technical requirements in the garment production and application as well as to individual design requirements. Topaz Tapes are suitable for industrial laundry > 60 °C and are resistant to sterilization. With high technical performance they sustain the soft textile feel of the laminates even after several wash cycles.

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Tapes for multi-layer laminates

Trans-Textil ensures that laminate, tape and further processing dovetail perfectly. We offer the compatible seam sealing tape for all requirements and 2- or 3-layer laminates.

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Topaz Fusion Tapes

The Topaz Fusion Tapes bring reliable tightness and fashion together. Full-color designs matching the design of the laminate are realized in environmentally friendly and high-quality digital transfer printing – based on the flexible processes even for smaller production series.

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Elements Tapes

Based on a purely aqueous formulation in the adhesive layer, Topaz Elements Tapes not only fulfill a high technical profile le, but also meet the highest requirements for environmentally friendly products, processing and washing up to 60 °C.

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Testing lab

We test the adhesibility, impermeability and washfastness of our seam sealing tape on modern devices in our fully-equipped lab.

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Jumbo Tape

By individually confectioning Trans-Textil tailors the Topaz Tapes to the customer‘s wishes – from the narrow version to extra wide Jumbo Tapes.

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Repair & patching

For a long life cycle of high-quality functional laminates, the Topaz Tapes material is ideal for manufacturing compatible repair solutions.

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