Multifunctional means optimum protection whatever the application involved

 such as weathergear according to EN 343

High-tech laminates cope in all situations, whether riding a motorbike at top speed, fighting a fire in pouring rain or carrying out a rescue mission in foul weather. Thanks to the multifunction concept they are based on, our high-tech laminates provide reliable protection in a broad range of circumstances.

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EN 343
Protection against
foul weather

Direct laminates

In the case of direct laminates, the outer fabric is combined with a membrane made of PU, PTFE or PES. Weighing between 100 g/m2 and 400 g/m2, such articles practically surpass longevity, water vapour permeability and textile feel requirements.

Liner solutions

Liners (i.e. lining fabric plus a membrane) offer flexibility by allowing garment manufactuers freedom of choice regarding the outer fabric. Since the liners are sewn into the garment system, the membrane is not unduly punctured by pockets and applications stitched to the outer fabric.
We also produce Z liners (outer fabric plus membrane).


Consisting of outer fabric, barrier layer and lining, our extremely hard-wearing laminate systems are produced according to our proprietary Point-in-Point process for low-distortion results. In qualities ranging from 180 g/m2 to 400 g/m2, this also enables us to provide up to 60 percent more breathability.

Topaz Windworker Laminate

Many occupations involve changes from hot to cold and dry to wet, and switching from strenuous activities to quieter ones. The lightweight and highly breathable Windworker laminates that Trans-Textil has developed for these application areas provide not only protection from wind and weather but also consistent comfort in every activity.