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Membrane systems become design highlights

In connection with the partial 3D structure of the warp-knit laminates, Trans-Textil and Penn Textile Solutions make the breathable moisture barriers a versatile design factor. Thanks to the flexible membrane production, individual color variants can be produced within a very short time without any restructions in terms of performance.

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Flexible seam sealing with environmental claim

Trans-Textil produces “Elements Tapes“ on aqueous basis

To ensure that the seam in a waterproof laminate keeps the promise of the functional textile, it is sealed with a seamsealing tape. Trans-Textil GmbH has now implemented this technology for the first time on a purely aqueous formula basis. The Topaz Elements® Tapes do not contain any organic solvents in the adhesive layer and offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of fabrication and application. Trans-Textil thus offers a unique overall concept in terms of ecology, design and technology.

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Topaz Fusion: Fashion meets Function

Trans-Textil fashion style with innovative textile technologies

With the new concept Topaz FUSION Trans-Textil bridges the gap between individual design and functional high-performance materials. Behind this is the combination of highly breathable and weatherproof multilayer membrane laminates with versatile possibilities of product design in textile printing or coating. This results in individual products for outdoor, leisure, sports and business wear as well as innovative shoe components, combined with a high standard of environmental compatibility.

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Wool Performance Laminates: Nature and high tech for stylish protection and comfort

Becker Tuche and Trans-Textil combine natural highperformance fibers with functional textile technology

Traveling to the office by bike is very much in vogue. It is a bonus when business clothing has a modern look while being durable for all types of weather as well as being ecologically responsible. This is the result of the fusion of fashionably sophisticated design, breathability and waterproof high-tech membrane systems and natural wool, resulting in “Wool Performance” laminates jointly developed by Becker Tuche GmbH & Co. KG and Trans-Textil GmbH.

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Trans-Textil and Covestro team up with PUMA in the Champions League

Topaz Dots and INSQIN ® technology in the latest premium soccer shoe: The evoPOWER Vigor

PUMA is unveiling its latest-generation “evoPOWER Vigor” soccer shoes in a global campaign in early 2017. The waterborne textile coating that gives the shoe its unique, three-dimensional look, reminiscent of snake skin, was developed and implemented by technology partners Trans-Textil and Covestro. Their focus was on innovative functionality for competitive and team sports, design, high technical standards and eco-friendly materials.

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Quality, innovation and ecology: success factors for functional textiles from Germany

Trans-Textil relies on sustainable partnerships, technology and environmental management

With its in-house development, state-of-the-art production facilities, strong partnerships and a focus on quality and ecology, Trans-Textil GmbH is fully committed to the future trends in the functional textile market. The specialists for multifunctional textile systems at Techtextil in Frankfurt (Hall 3, Stand H56) offer an insight into their latest developments – from 3D ready-mades for aerospace applications, through natural fiber laminates and certified multi-risk protective clothing to the innovative and environmentally-friendly Topaz Dots coating technology aqueous formulations.

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First-ever printing of multifunctional flame-retardant wovens by Trans-Textil

Trans-Textil GmbH has developed a new generation of printable laminates that combine the characteristics of multifunctional flame-retardant textiles with the  dvantages of transfer printing. The products offer optimum protection against a wide range of hazards and can be printed in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

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Functional textiles must be dependable, economical and sustainable

Investments by Trans-Textil in technology, innovations and environmental protection Trans-Textil is enlarging its production facility in Freilassing, south-east Germany and investing in state-of-the-art plant and equipment to bolster its capabilities and expertise in the development and production of multifunctional fabric systems. Its lamination, finishing, coating, printing and membrane technologies are also the basis for the innovations it will be showcasing at the Techtextil (hall 3.0, booth H56). These range from textiles for use in laser protection applications to membrane laminates for personal protective equipment, footwear and medical devices and also include cut-to-shape membrane solutions for automated lightweight construction.

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