Bio-based to the max

When developing its new bio-based laminates, Trans-Textil GmbH strives to incorporate the maximum possible proportion of renewable raw materials into every element of its watertight and breathable multilayer composites. The concept has been successfully implemented in its three-layer hardshell and softshell laminates for outdoor apparel and sportswear. From the outer and inner fabrics to the membrane system and lamination technology, right over to the PFC-free, bio-based, water-repellent fabric finishing, all elements are made up of natural components wherever possible.

Topaz Fusion®: Fashion meets Function

The combination of fashion style with innovative textile technologies

With the concept Topaz FUSION® Trans-Textil bridges the gap between individual design and functional high-performance materials. Behind this is the combination of highly breathable and weatherproof multilayer membrane laminates with versatile possibilities of product design in textile printing or coating. This results in individual products for outdoor, leisure, sports and business wear as well as innovative shoe components, combined with a high standard of environmental compatibility. The joint development is in the foreground, each project follows individual goals regarding optics and function – according to the motto, Create your own design, create your own performance.
The Topaz Fusion Tapes bring reliable tightness and fashion together. Full-color designs matching the design of the laminate are realized in environmentally friendly and high-quality digital transfer printing – based on the flexible processes even for smaller production series.

Topaz Companion®: ultra-light sportswear laminates

With its external breathable, wind-proof and waterproof functional layer, the ultra-light Topaz COMPANION® laminates have been specially developed as a daily companion for outdoor activities and athleisure-wear in cycling or run-ning. The open textile structures of the fine fabrics and knits on the body-side provide a pleasantly dry feeling on the skin and at the same time provide maximum breathability through direct access to the functional Topaz membrane. In addition the 2-layer systems certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® offer high abrasion resistance as well as an extremely small pack size.

Wool Performance laminates: natural high-performance fiber meets functional textile technology

Wool Performance laminates combine modern sophisticated design, breathable and waterproof membrane systems and the natural wool fiber. The natural high-performance fiber is already endowed with amazing properties which are completed by further functionalization through Oeko-Tex vertified moisture barriers or PFC-free Clean4Green® finishing for business, outdoor and corporate wear.
Wool-Performance laminate are jointly developed by Becker Tuche GmbH & Co. KG and Trans-Textil GmbH.

3D Warp Knit Laminates – targeted controlled performance

Targeted functional areas based on body regions for protective, outdoor and leisure clothing are integrated directly into the digitally controlled knitting process. Mesh zones with targeted hole size for tailored breathability or abrasion resistant 3D structures can be placed exactly where they are needed. For a clearer view, transparent or coloured membrane systems from Trans-Textil are used as the design highlight in the 3-layer laminate.
The starting point for the 3D warp-knit laminates by Trans-Textil consists of the superstretch fabrics from Penn Textile Solutions‘ dreamshape® sport collection.

Membrane systems become design highlights

In connection with the partial 3D structure of the warp-knit laminates, Trans-Textil and Penn Textile Solutions make the breathable moisture barriers a versatile design factor. Thanks to the flexible membrane production, individual color variants can be produced within a very short time without any restructions in terms of performance.

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AQUAIR®Breathable imitation leather on solvent-free aqueous coating basis

Purely water-based formulation components are the starting point for AQUAIR, the highly breathable synthetic leather by Trans-Textil. The manufacturing process not only completely dispenses with organic solvents, but also offers a high degree of design freedom in terms of structure, colouring and tech-nical properties of the abrasion-resistant AQUAIR® functional layer. In conjunction with the extensive portfolio of membrane systems, substrates and textile technologies, the process creates sophisticated multi-layer products for shoe, apparel, furniture or accessories.

Increased use of recycled fibers

By using recycled textile components in membrane laminates, Trans-Textil further increases the proportion of recycled material in functional textiles. Test reports from independent institutes confirm the consistently high technical performance. The laminates are unrestrictedly suitable for standardized weather and high-visibility clothing, for example in accordance with EN 20471 or EN 343, as well as for functional laminates in the field of outdoor and sports. Only textiles based on post-consumer raw materials that are certified in accordance with recognized recycling standards are used.

Topaz eFENDER: Functional laminates for shielding electromagnetic radiation

Functional multilayer laminates with the Topaz eFENDER technology from Trans-Textil offer effective, metrologically proven shielding against electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. With a shielded performance of well over 99%, for example, they cover the entire spectrum of traditional and modern mobile communications (5G) and new WIFI wavelengths and can thus contribute to a significant overall reduction in radiation exposure.

The basis for the high shielding effectiveness of the Topaz eFENDER® laminates is an innovative silver technology that is permanently and wash-resistant integrated into the multi-layer systems. Due to its light weight and high flexibility, the Topaz eFENDER® technology has the textile touch and a pleasant feel.