Transfer printing: An eco-friendly process for high-quality results

The high-quality transfer printing process used by Trans-Textil helps fabrics make a lasting impression and enables printing options ranging from single logos to elaborate, richly-coloured patterns. Intricate fabrics form the basis for the highly fashionable results.

New transfer-printing technology

Trans-Textil GmbH has developed a new generation of printed laminates that combine the characteristics of multifunctional flame-retardant wovens with transfer printing technology.

Along with offering optimum protection against numerous hazards, the textiles enable a wide variety of colouration and design possibilities. As test results show, transfer printing does not affect the protective characteristics, surface feel, breathability, thermophysiological comfort and wearability of the new laminate types in any way.

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Transfer and digital printing

Transfer and digital printing is fullsurface designs with high printing accuracy and color brilliance in the shortest possible time. With over 40 years of experience in textile printing, Trans-Textil is your partner for the individual implementation of high-fashion motifs and the realization of design and function for women’s outerwear, men’s wear, children’s fashion, decoration and design-oriented leisure, sports and outdoor clothing.

A wide range of simple to high-color designs and colorings is the basis for an almost unlimited selection, which we implement on the appropriate textile carrier. Also the development and production of individual designs and combinations is possible in the shortest time.

With combinations of modern woven and knitted fabrics from high-breathable microfibers with mixtures of cotton, viscose, linen or wool, Trans-Textil achieves unique effects in optics and haptics. Additional possibilities of product design result from the choice of the textile binding from a single jersey to elaborate Jacquard. We are known for over 40 years of textile competence.

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Metal foil printing

Metallic effects can be achieved over the entire surface or parallelly with metal foil printing. The washable metal foil prints are available in various designs and colors, such as gold, silver or white, as well as others. The printing is possible on leather, natural fibers and synthetic materials.

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Ink jet printing process

The continuous ink jet printing process enables flexible digital copy printing and sample batch printing of:

  • logos, lettering and company names
  • batch numbers for tracking purposes
  • article labelling
  • edge printing
  • graphics up to 36 mm high on two print heads for printing on different parts of an article in endless and semi-staggered repeat printing
  • washfast

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