Transfer printing: An eco-friendly process for high-quality results

The high-quality transfer printing process used by Trans-Textil helps fabrics make a lasting impression and enables printing options ranging from single logos to elaborate, richly-coloured patterns. Intricate fabrics form the basis for the highly fashionable results.

Thermal sublimation technology

During the transfer printing process, molecules of harmless disperse dyes pass directly from a solid state into gaseous components, thus skipping the liquid state. The application of pressure and heat enables them to penetrate deep into the interior of the fibres, where they become fixed. This results in printed images with a particularly high degree of colour brilliance and optimum properties in terms of:

  • colourfastness, including lightfastness and washfastness,
  • abrasion resistance,
  • high-temperature durability and wash resistance, and
  • full retention of protective effect, function, and comfort.

The process is suitable for products made from polyester fibres and also for blends incorporating natural fibres such as cotton, viscose, linen, and wool, enabling the creation of a unique look and feel.

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Sustainable textile printing process

Trans-Textil’s transfer printing process uses only natural solvents – water and alcohol – and delivers an end product with a long life cycle. Its textile printing technology is a clear leader in sustainability:

  • no water consumption,
  • no air or water pollution,
  • no harmful emissions, and
  • high-quality printing on recycled textiles.


Trans-Textil’s transfer printing process and its products are tested and certified as safe from a human-ecological perspective by independent institutes in accordance with the latest criteria of the international  STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX©.

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Performance meets Fashion

Trans-Textil can print fashionable motifs on multilayer functional laminates that incorporate breathable membrane systems and the PFC-free, environmentally-safe Clean4Green® surface finish: proving that design does not have to come at the cost of performance, and opening up varied design options for workwear, functional footwear products and medical, outdoor, and leisure wear.
Digitising the printing processes enables full-surface designs with a high degree of sharpness and colour brilliance in an extremely short turnaround time – even on small orders.With over 40 years of experience in textile printing, Trans-Textil is your partner for the individualised design and production of high-fashion motifs or logos as well as special tasks such as lamination, coating, and finishing. And as all our development and manufacturing processes are in-house, we are a single source for end-to-end solutions.

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Stylish workwear and occupational safety products

Reliable functionality is the no. 1 priority in workwear. An appealing look, however, is just as important in modern clothing concepts. Transfer printing enables us to produce design-oriented workwear laminates with on-trend accents and contrasts in the outer fabric, lining and trimmings – all without affecting performance. A high-quality transfer print also generates brand recognition and underscores corporate identity.

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Outdoor, sports and leisure

Individuality reigns when it comes to seasonal outdoor, sports, and leisure wear. Since we print onto finished lami­nates, your designs can be adapted very flexibly from season to season, even on small quantities.

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Transfer printing on flame-retardant multifunctional fabrics

Trans-Textil has developed a new generation of printed laminates that combine transfer printing technology with the properties of flame-retardant, multifunctional textiles incorporating high-performance fibres.

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Printed logos for strong brands

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Topaz Fusion® Tapes

Topaz Fusion® Tapes reconcile reliable sealing with fashion demands – achieved by printing richly-coloured designs that match the colour styling of the laminate onto seam sealing tape at the transfer printing stage. Trans-Textil’s flexible processes even make this an option for smaller ready-to-wear lines.

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Design for functional footwear components

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Digital inkjet printing

Our continuous, wash-resistant inkjet printing process provides the necessary flexibility when it comes to converting digital artwork. Regardless of the substrate, the inkjet process enables individual imprints to be made even at short notice for sample quantities in the areas of:

  • logos and lettering,
  • batch numbers for tracking purposes,
  • article labelling,
  • edge printing, and
  • graphics up to 36 mm high on two print heads, in continuous printing or half offset.

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