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The right membrane system for every application

Trans-Textil develops own membrane systems in an exacting high-tech approach and also makes use of the systems available
on the market. Ranging from hydrophilic compact membranes in PU or PES to hydrophobic, microporous membranes made of
ePTFE or PU, our broad membrane portfolio enables us to find the right solution for every application.

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Topaz 251, High-tech PU PFTE Duo Topaz Bimicro Topaz Carbon Membrane

Topaz 251: High-tech PU


Topaz bimicro®

Topaz Carbon Membrane



Thanks to its chemical composition, this special membrane system on the basis of high-temperature-resistant polyurethane meets the most demanding of use and processing requirements while offering the following characteristics:
  • softening point of approx. 230°C (scorch test)
  • hydrophilic properties
  • good stretching properties
  • non-blocking properties
  • washfast and sterilisable
  • highly suited for seam sealing and patch application
Topaz 251 high-tech PU membranes are used in all workwear/PPE applications.

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A further development by Trans-Textil, the PTFE Duo system consists of a highly breathable, microporous membrane provided with a high-temperature-resistance PU coating.

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Trans-Textil is placing a further new development on the market in the form of the Topaz bimicro® membrane. This unprecedented product combines the characteristics of a microporous ePTFE membrane with those of an equally microporous protective polymer layer for high water vapour transmission and variable air porosity at high water impermeability. Topaz bimicro® can be optionally upgraded with Cocona® natural technology™ utilizing activated carbon derived from coconut husks.

Further membrane systems
  • High-tech compact hydrophilic PU system
  • Microporous PU systems for high breathability and impermeability
  • Microporous hydrophobic ePTFE systems for maximum breathability and a certain degree of water resistance
  • Compact hydrophilic PES systems for an excellent price/performance ratio

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By meeting EN 1149 antistatic workwear requirements in the breathable moisture barrier,
Topaz Carbon membranes enable
a broader range of choices in
textile components.

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