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Transfer and digital printing
Transfer and digital printing

(18 September 2017)

Transfer and digital printing is full-surface designs with high printing accuracy and color brilliance in the
shortest possible time. With over 40 years of experience in textile printing, Trans-Textil is your partner for
the individual implementation of high-fashion motifs and the realization of design and function for women’s
outerwear, men’s wear, children‘s fashion, decoration and design-oriented leisure, sports and outdoor clothing.
» read more

Metal foil printing
Metal foil printing

(18 September 2017)

Metallic effects can be achieved over the entire surface or parallelly with metal foil printing. The washable
metal foil prints are available in various designs and colors, such as gold, silver or white, as well as others.
The printing is possible on leather, natural fibers and synthetic materials. » read more

Topaz Elements
Quality, innovation and ecology: success factors for functional textiles from Germany

(06 March 2017)

With its in-house development, state-of-the-art production facilities, strong partnerships and a focus on quality
and ecology, Trans-Textil GmbH is fully committed to the future trends in the functional textile market. The specialists
for multifunctional textile systems at Techtextil in Frankfurt (Hall 3, Stand H56) offer an insight into their latest
developments - from 3D ready-mades for aerospace applications, through natural fiber laminates and certified
multi-risk protective clothing to the innovative and environmentally-friendly Topaz Dots coating technology aqueous
» Press release Pdf (209 KB)

Wool laminates, 92114685 - Group of sheep, © Kavita
Wool laminates

(03 March 2017)

Evolution has equipped wool – a natural high-performance fibre – with amazing properties. Multi-layer textile
systems incorporating the renewable material of wool offer ideal prerequisites for further functionalisation
and performance as well as a positive environmental performance over its entire life cycle.
» Information Wool laminates Pdf (414 KB)


TÜV Austria zertifiziert
Successful recertification

(20 July 2016)

Trans-Textil's recertification to the international EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 standards attests to the high
standards it maintains in the area of quality and environmental management. As the independent and impartial
auditors at TÜV Austria Cert GmbH confirm, Trans-Textil's management system is in complete conformity with
the new versions of the standards (as revised in 2015). The company's commitment in this respect is complemented
by its certification to OHRIS in the areas of occupational and plant safety.
» Certificates

Oekotex Standard Membranes
Topaz ELEMENTS: Membranes now certified to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100

(02 June 2016)

Our Topaz ELEMENTS concept involves continuous, on-going improvement of our environmental performance and
also that of our products, our goal being to keep impacts as low as possible over the entire life cycle of our
functional fabrics to the benefit of man and the environment. We make high requirements of both the materials we
use and our new developments, and as an important aspect have our laminates and contract processing activities
tested and certified to the OSTANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®y independent institutes in this respect. Our membranes
on the basis of polyurethane (PU), ePTFE, polyester (PES) or hybrid systems – also in the form of individual
components – are now also certified, showing that each one in our expanded portfolio is in keeping with the latest
Oeko-Tex criteria. As a component part of the laminates in our own collection as well as those contract-produced to
customer specifications, our membranes find use in waterproof and breathable systems for occupational safety
workwear, personal protection equipment (PPE), shoe components, medical devices and outdoor and leisure apparel.

Oekotex Standard
Trans-Textil's own and order business recertified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

(29 March 2016)

Trans-Textil's own membrane laminates, order business and transfer printing work have been recertified under
theSTANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® in its most recent version.


Environmental Pact of Bavaria
Environmental Pact of Bavaria

(27 November 2015)

Due to its voluntary environmental measures, Trans-Textil GmbH has been accepted again by the Bavarian State
Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection as a signatory to the Environmental Pact of Bavaria. For
Trans-Textil this is the third time it is extending its participation, this time for the term ending in 2020. The
Environmental Pact of Bavaria is an agreement between the Bavarian government and the Bavarian business
community and is based on the shared conviction that natural resources can be better safe-guarded though
voluntary and solid cooperation than through laws and regulations alone. The overarching goal of the Pact is
to improve corporate environmental protection in every business sector. The certificate awarded to mark Trans-
Textil's renewed participation acknowledges its voluntary commitment to corporate environmental protection and
sustainable business activities.

Rainjackets auxiliary police
Keeping auxiliary policy dry on patrol

(08 August 2015)

Trans-Textil has provided Freilassing's auxiliary police reserve with high-quality weathergear jackets produced out of
its functional textiles. The volunteers support the police as points of contact for passers-by and with their patrols
heighten the sense of security in the local population. The collaborative project between the town of Freilassing,
the police and Trans-Textil is unique throughout Bavaria as such jackets are not standard in the apparel provided the
auxiliary police.

Automated deployment of VAP® 3D materials
Automated deployment of VAP® 3D materials

(22 August 2015)

The large-scale, multi-layer made-to-shape VAP® 3D solutions come with robot grip straps for swift, automatic
and precisely-positioned layer stacking in the mold. This almost entirely eliminates the need for laborious cutting
work and other preparatory tasks such as joining, positioning, repositioning and fixing the layers by hand. The
VAP® 3D material kit has already proved its worth in a trial involving a full-size Airbus A350 pressure bulkhead
in the RoCk Projekt.
» Watch the RoCk project movie

Component form
Solutions adapted to component form

(22 August 2015)

As part of the AZIMUT and RoCk projects and working in response to calls for automated and optimized process
chains, Trans-Textil and Composyst have developed a new made-to-shape approach especially devised for large
aviation structures that need to be fabricated in one integral process. Starting with the geometry data of the
Airbus A350 pressure bulkhead, this involved compiling the layers in the VAP® process lay-up into a VAP® 3D
material kit made up of instant-use textile auxiliaries that have been tailored to the precise shape of the
component mold mehr Info

TOPAZ Elements
Flame-retardant breathable moisture barriers for firefighters’ protective clothing

(19 April 2015)

In an cooperation project, Trans-Textil GmbH and the STFI developed laminates with improved flame-resistance
for moisture barriers in fire-fighters’ protective clothing. The composite materials are produced using hotmelt
technology and fulfill the relevant protective clothing standards. Integrated in protective clothing systems, they
protect from extreme heat and external moisture, thereby lowering the physiological load on the wearer.
» Technical textiles

TOPAZ Elements
TOPAZ Elements

(08 April 2015)

Your ideas on how we can improve the performance of our functional textiles while lowering impacts on man
and the environment are very welcome. We invite you to get to know our Topaz ELEMENTS concept and share
your ideas so we can work on them together. mehr Info

Multifunctional Flame-retardant 
New! Trans-Textil now able to print multifunctional flame-retardant wovens

(08 April 2015)

Trans-Textil GmbH has developed a new generation of printed laminates that combine the characteristics of
multifunctional flame-retardant wovens with transfer printing technology. Along with offering optimum protection
against numerous hazards, the textiles enable a wide variety of colouration and design possibilities. As test results
show, transfer printing does not affect the protective characteristics, surface feel, breathability, thermophysiological
comfort and wearability of the new laminate types in any way.
» Press release

Oekotex 100
Trans-Textil's product array and contract manufacturing recertified under
the Oeko-Tex standard

(01 April 2015)

Trans-Textil's own products and contract manufacturing services in the area of functional laminates and transfer
printing have gained recertification under the OSTANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. They have thus been tested for harmful
substances according to the standard's latest criteria. The certificates can be found in thee download section
of our website.

Apprentices in action as energy scouts

(22 March 2015)

At Trans-Textil apprentices currently on the lookout for energy-saving potential. Having learnt the foundations
of energy efficiency in a qualification measure provided by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich
and Upper Bavaria, apprentices in all areas of the firm are now engaged in own projects as 'energy scouts'.
This means taking a critical look at current energy consumption levels at Trans-Textil and drawing up joint
suggestions for improvements. This raising of environmental awareness complements Trans-Textil's efforts in the
area as well as the training it provides in the fields of quality management and occupational safety.

Photo: Front: The newly-qualified energy scouts; behind, left to right: Björn Athmer (Chamber of Industry and
Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria) and energy scout trainer Jakob Kriebel (Arqum GmbH).

VAP 10 years
VAP® technology: 10 years in successful deployment all over the world
New membrane products and enhanced fabrication technology at the JEC

(20 February 2015)

The VAP® membrane-assisted vacuum infusion process has become a standard in serial production of
high-quality fibre reinforced polymers components. Manufacturers worldwide have come to appreciate the
high process stability delivered by the process with the help of semi-permeable membranes from Trans-Textil
GmbH and Composyst GmbH. The two partners will be celebrating this success and showcasing related technology
and products at the JEC Europe 2015 in Paris (hall 7.3, booth D6).

Floor structure VAPprocess
Floor structure for the Airbus A350XWB to be fabricated in the VAP® process

(14 January 2015)

As part of a partnership with Airbus, Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW) of Saxony has been assigned the task of
development, production and delivery of a new floor component. Working in cooperation with Leichtbau-Zentrum
Sachsen GmbH,
the company devised an innovative floor structure for the new Airbus A350XWB in an ambitious
development period of a mere two years. EFW will now be undertaking serial production of the respective
components according to the VAP® method, whereby Trans-Textil's aviation-qualified C2003 VAP® membrane
will be finding use.

Photo: © LZS

Floor structure VAPprocess
Lightweight functional fabrics for flame and heat protection

(04 February 2015)

”The more the better” – this long upheld principle has been abandoned in the flame and heat protection clothing
industry, literally lightening the load on the wearers of such apparel. These days lightweight functional fabrics
are increasingly replacing bulky textile structures that create an insulating effect but weigh down firefighters,
for example. Yet functional fabrics should not only offer enhanced comfort and convenience, but also greater safety.
» Trendbook Technical Textiles 2015

Trans-Textil GmbH will also be exhibiting products and solutions for flame-
retardant and heat-protective clothing between 8 - 13 June 2015 at the
Interschutz in Hannover (Hall 012, Booth A62).


Reusable textile for operating room
Reusable textile for the operating room of the future

(22 December 2014)

In its "Operating Room of the Future" project, DTV Med, a section of the German Textile Cleaning Association
(DTV), addresses the challenges that clinics will soon be facing. Along with cost-effectiveness and sustainability,
these involve issues such as the requirements that new generation of employees and patients expect functional
textiles to fulfil. Deployment of single-use materials in the operating theatre, which leads to considerable waste,
is a case in hand. Reusable textiles in the form of washable surgical gowns and drapes present a good alternative
and are not only sustainable but also of higher quality. Trans-Textil GmbH is a supplier of such functional reusable
textiles for high-performance surgical requirements.

» see Operating Theatre of the Future

High-Tech Textiles
Experiencing high-tech textiles


Trans-Textil GmbH recently marked completion of building extension measures at its Freilassing works by holding
an Open Day for neighbours, local business partners and the families of staff members. In the new company building
the guests gained insights into state-of-the-art production technologies, testing methods and applications in functional
textile areas ranging from medical devices to firefighters' turnout gear and lightweight construction.

The photo shows Product Manager Thomas Fernandez demonstrating the seal welding technique to Michaela Kaniber,
member of the Bavarian state parliament.

Trans Textil Management Team
Trans-Textil expands its management team


Trans-Textil GmbH has appointed Matthias Krings and Manfred Hänsch to join company proprietor and Managing
Director Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Krings as managing partners. The two former authorised signatories succeed Dirk Schmidt,
who has entered well-deserved retirement. As the Krings family is now holder of all the shares in the business,
Trans-Textil remains an owner-managed limited liability firm on a healthy growth course.

Textile Centre of Excellence
Enlargement of the Textile Centre of Excellence


The building extension measures at Trans-Textil's Freilassing works included enlargement of its Centre of
Excellence for development, production and testing of functional textiles. The company has invested over
3 million euros in new buildings, cutting-edge production technology and quality assurance in Freilassing.

School bus attendants
Professional protective clothing for school bus attendants


The voluntary bus attendants assigned to the Freilassing Secondary School play an important role in ensuring
the safety of students on their way to school and back again. Trans-Textil GmbH has donated 15 professional
high-visibility and weathergear jackets to these voluntary helpers to provide them with optimum protection in
every weather, whether hot or cold, and to ensure they are seen by other traffic participants. The breathable
and particularly lightweight fabric provides protection against foul weather in accordance with the European
EN 343
standard and is certified as high-visibility warning clothing according to the EN 20471 standard.

Oekotex Standard 100
Trans-Textil sets itself high expectations regarding environmental protection and product safety
Products recertified to the Öko-Tex Standard 100


All products made by Trans-Textil and the production processes involved not only comply with the latest
requirements of laws, regulations and standards such as Reach but have undergone recertification according
to the latest Öko-Tex Standard 100 criteria. Numerous voluntary measures such as certification to the EN ISO
14001 environmental standard and the OHSAS 18001 (OHRIS) plant safety specification and our longstanding
participation in the Environmental Pact of Bavaria all bear witness to our commitment. In an effort to uphold
our high aspirations by outmatching threshold limit values, we work in close collaboration with public authority
and industrial partners on forward-looking solutions. Trans-Textil already offers numerous alternatives regarding
membranes, finishes and coatings on an eco-friendly basis, and is also the producer of Topaz clean4green,
an unobjectionable finish for outdoor apparel and light protecting clothing.

Recertification Audit Ohris
Safety and health at work


Trans-Textil GmbH shows a very high degree of commitment to occupational and plant safety, as attested to by
the Upper Bavarian Trade Supervisory Office regarding a recertification audit conducted at the company in line
with the Bavarian OHRIS and international OHSAS 18001 standards. In the interests of its employees and neigh-
bouring businesses and households, Trans-Textil had expanded its existing quality and environmental management
system by a number of further safety aspects three years ago. In recertification of the system, the government
of Upper Bavaria has now confirmed Trans-Textil's high occupational and plant safety standards.

Photo: Senior government official Dr. Franz Siglmüller flanked by Dirk Schmidt (left) and
Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Krings, managing partners of Trans-Textil GmbH

DTV med
Trans-Textil joins DTV Med

By joining the DTV Med Section of the German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV), Trans-Textil is documenting
its commitment to economical and sustainable textile products for the medical application field. Companies organised
in this section of the DTV supply products to several hundred clinics and residential care homes. Our functional
textiles are used in leased items such as surgical gowns and drapes that undergo repeated professional garment
washing and reprocessing cycles.
» Flyer DTV med


Topaz Carbon Membrane
Topaz Carbon membranes

By meeting EN 1149 antistatic workwear requirements in the breathable moisture barrier, Topaz Carbon
membranes enable a broader range of choices in textile components. The conductive thread that provides
EN 1149 protective clothing its electrostatic properties is generally woven into the fabric used as the outer
layer. The new Topaz Carbon Membrane by Trans-Textil GmbH provides the same properties, but in the
breathable moisture barrier ­ thus enabling wider choices in outer fabrics.

Prosys Laser
Laser protection textiles

Trans-Textil GmbH and its partners have brought the European PROSYS-Laser project to a successful close
following three years of work on innovative textile solutions for active and passive laser beam protection.
Multi-layered products by Trans-Textil are the basis of the both laser-protective clothing devised for work
involving hand-held laser processing devices (HLD) as well as curtains developed for use with automated
laser machines. The PROSYS-Laser project and its developments are establishing new standards in multi-
functional personal protective equipment (PPE).

» Project development

Protective fabrics WUS Brzeziny Leasing-suitable functional textiles

(5.- 8.11.2013)

Our laminates for medical applications and professional protective clothing have been track-tested
in industrial washing and reprocessing operations. mehr Info

Protective fabrics WUS Brzeziny
Commended textile in the lightweight class
Protective fabrics by Trans-Textil help WUS Brzeziny win award

At the SAWO International Fair for Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment in April, WUS Brzeziny won the
Grand Prix in the Protective Clothing category for uniting protection and wear comfort in a new firefighting suit in exemplary
manner. The jacket & trousers set made by the supplier to the Polish Association of Voluntary Fire Services incorporated a
particularly lightweight fabric system by Trans-Textil GmbH.

VAP® 3D: Membrane solutions adapted to component form

The qualified VAP® membrane system C2003 developed by Trans-Textil acts as the basis of the three-dimensional
custom-shaped membranes developed as part of the AZIMUT and RoCK aviation projects. Custom-shaped system
components facilitate lay-up handling and deliver significant time and costs savings in the fabrication of complex
integral assemblies on the basis of tailor-made vacuum bags produced with the help of innovative joining techniques.
Following the official start of the RoCK project, Trans- Textil GmbH and its partners are now concerned with streamlining
the industrial-scale VAP® process still further.
» Press Release

Photo: Fabrication of a pressure bulkhead at Premium Aerotec GmbH. Note the custom-made shaped vacuum bag made of C2003,
an aviation-qualified membrane system by Trans-Textil.

Topaz Carbon Membrane
Trans-Textil GmbH at the Techtextil 2013

Trans-Textil to showcase new membranes, laminates and technologies at the 2013 Techtextil, Frankfurt
» Press Release

Protective fabrics WUS Brzeziny
Commended textile in the lightweight class
Protective fabrics by Trans-Textil help WUS Brzeziny win award

At the SAWO International Fair for Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment in April, WUS Brzeziny won the Grand Prix
in the Protective Clothing category for uniting protection and wear comfort in a new firefighting suit in exemplary manner. The jacket &
trousers set made by the supplier to the Polish Association of Voluntary Fire Services incorporated a particularly lightweight fabric
system by Trans-Textil GmbH.
The art of producing firefighting turnout gear requires providing it the highest degree of protection and comfort alike. The functional
fabric system involved has to be highly breathable, ensure protection in accordance with various international standards and yet be as
light-weight as possible to reduce encumbrance.
Produced according to Trans-Textil’s special proprietary dot bonding technique, the flame retardant and anti-static multifunctional fabrics
incorporate a highly breathable moisture barrier in the form of the proven PTFE Duo membrane. Despite fulfilling EN 469 and further
standards to a superior degree, the fabric system weighs in at less than 500 g/m2, making it a true champion of the lightweight class.

Inkjet printing process

Ink jet printing process

The continuous ink jet printing process enables flexible digital copy printing and sample batch printing of logos, lettering and company
names, batch numbers for tracking purposes, article labeling or edge printing.

OHRIS Standard

Trans-Textil gains OHRIS occupational health and risk management certification

Trans-Textil has been » certified according to the OHRIS occupational health and risk management standard, thus documenting its
commitment to occupational and plant safety. The respective certificates issued by the » Upper Bavarian Trade Supervisory Office
also confirm its conformity to the OHSAS 18001:2007 international occupational health and safety management system specification.
The new accreditation supplements Trans-Textil's existing quality and environmental management certification undertaken in the
interests of its employees and neighbouring businesses and households.

OHRIS Trans-Textil
Support for environmental and safety education

Trans-Textil has made a donation to the Rupert Freilassing-Mitterfelden Secondary School Network as part of an on-going effort to further
the interests of young people at its location. The cheque for €2,000 was accepted by the school director and head prefect on behalf of the
school network and will be used in environmental and safety education.

Topaz Windworker

The laminates in the Windworker series offer high thermal insulation, good breathability (Ret value between 6 and 25), durable water
and stain repellency and windtightness (low air permeability). Depending on material composition Windworker laminates can be deployed
in high visibility clothing according to EN 471 in connection with EN 1149, waterproof clothing in accordance with EN 343, garments for
protection against a cool environment in accordance with EN 14058, industrial washing or protective clothing against heat and flame in
accordance with DIN EN ISO 11612. The materials are suitable for use by public authorities, industry and craft trades in line with the
appropriate specifications.
» Information pdf (1,6 MB)

High-visibility safety
Grabbing attention with Topaz dual guard

The main purpose of high-visibility safety apparel is to ensure that the wearer will be readily seen. Topaz dual guard, a finish developed
by Trans-Textil to make light-reflecting warning colours last longer, has undergone long-time wear testing at Bavaria's Annahütte steel works.
The test showed outstanding values in comparison to standard FC finishes with regard to repellence and wash removal of various types of
stain, thus ensuring significantly longer luminance according to EN 471. And this in turn has a positive effect regarding the life cycle of the
apparel and worker visibility.

Code of conduct
Trans-Textil adopts Code of Conduct

Trans-Textil GmbH has become a signatory to the Code of Conduct of the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry,
thereby acknowledging its corporate social responsibility. Based on the UN Global Compact, the voluntary code calls for the signatories
to consider economic, social and ecological viewpoints in their business decisions and to reconcile such interests as appropriate.
» Downloads Code of Conduct

VAP® applications for traffic technologies of the future

German transport minister meets VAP® network partners
Dr. Peter Ramsauer visits Trans-Textil GmbH

A strong network for a powerful technology – this is how VAP® network partners presented themselves at the visit
recently paid by Dr. Peter Ramsauer, German Minister for Transport, Construction and Urban Development, to Trans-Textil
in Freilassing, south-east Germany. The company, which is licensed to manufacture VAP® membrane systems and issue
licenses authorising their use, was holding an event in collaboration with » EADS Deutschland GmbH, » Premium Aerotec GmbH,
» Composyst GmbH and » Secar Technologie GmbH to showcase future- oriented projects involving large complex lightweight
components fabricated according to the VAP® method. The potential held by membrane-assisted low pressure infusion for traffic
technologies is enormous, as impressively demonstrated both by the "E-Port" electric car filling station produced by Secar according
to the VAP® method and the NEXICOS demonstrator fabricated by Premium Aerotec in a single pass.

Photo: In future, the large roof structure on the "E-Port", which provides electric vehicles with power, will be produced in VAP® technology. Left to right:
Stefan Utecht (Managing Director of Composyst GmbH), Dr. Aimo Bülte (Vice President & Head of Technology Innovation Management at EADS Cassidian),
Dr. Peter Ramsauer (German Minister for Transport), Karl-Heinz Semlitsch (Managing Director of Secar Technologie GmbH) and Dirk Schmidt and
™ Matthias Krings (Trans-Textil GmbH).


Prosys Laser
PROSYS-Laser project

The PROSYS-Laser project is concerned with developing highly innovative clothing to provide passive and
active laser beam protection in work involving hand-held laser processing devices (HLD), as well as curtains
for use with automated laser machines. At a meeting in Warsaw attended by the high-tech companies and
research institutions involved in the PROSYS-Laser project, Trans-Textil and its partners showcased new
products that have already passed the function test after several months of development work. The develop-
ments fostered by the PROSYS-Laser project will set new standards for personal protective equipment (PPE).

JEC Europe 2012
The VAP® Alliance: Expert network for the vacuum assisted process

The partners in the VAP® Alliance offer support to interested manufacturing enterprises on all aspects
of the VAP® Vacuum Assisted Process – whether making the move from hand lamination to closed infusion
technology for consistent process yields, enhancing the quality of an existing resin infusion process, or
implementing an economical production alternative. The VAP®Alliance expert network will be participating
in the JEC Europe at the Carbon Composites Association stand (no. T46) in Hall 1.
» Press release


Techtextil 2011
Trans-Textil at the Techtextil 2011

At the Techtextil 2011, Trans-Textil GmbH showcased the concrete results of application-oriented functional
fabric production technologies, presenting innovative solutions that have proven their worth in high-quality
protective garments in field conditions. For the partner of public authorities, industrial concerns, ready-to-wear
apparel manufacturers and laundry services all over Europe, this opens up new application possibilities for the
membrane technologies and performance properties concerned.

Topaz Powerguard
Topaz power guard: excellent repellency against gasoline

Topaz power guard, a multifunctional finish developed by Trans-Textil, guarantees safety in challenging situations
by providing turnout gear with very good repellency against gasoline, excellent repellency against water and
outstanding repellency against mineral oil. Even after the clothing has undergone multiple wash cycles.
Flame-retardant laminates treated with topaz power guard provide additional protection against direct contact
with liquid fuels, such as gasoline and kerosene, and are used by the police in special operations apparel and
also in the protective clothing deployed in oil refineries.

Photo: THW Krefeld.

Membrane Technologies
Talk on “Membrane Technologies - Basis for the safety of functional
surgical textiles” at the Textil Innovativ Congress

Membranes play a decisive role in functional fabrics for the medical field. As a component part of the fabric
systems that make up surgical drapes and gowns, they act as a barrier against liquids and germs for reliable safety,
offer breathability for a high degree of thermophysiological comfort and also meet stringent sterilisation requirements.
Matthias Krings, Trans-Textil's Commercial Manager and Production Manager Medical Functional Fabrics, talked on
“Membrane Technologies - Basis for the safety of functional surgical textiles” at the Textil Innovativ Congress in
Aschaffenburg, Germany, providing an overview of current technical developments in the production of functional
fabrics for surgical uses. more

Trans-Textil EADS-authorised LICENSOR
Trans-Textil at Composites Europe

As part of its Technology Licensing Initiative, EADS Deutschland GmbH is placing its patented VAP® membrane
-assisted, low pressure infusion method
at the disposal of the market by means of a licence management system.
Trans-Textil GmbH, EADS-authorised VAP® licensor for the non-aerospace sector and preferred EADS partner in
the aerospace sector, is the direct, worldwide contact for all questions concerning contract-based VAP® licensing.
The exclusive EADS partner for VAP® membrane systems will be exhibiting at the Composites Europe show at
stand A05 in hall 12.more


Prosys Laser
Prosys Project – Incubator of ideas for laser safety textiles

The main focus of the project is the development of multifunctional textiles that provide protection from the dangers
of intense beams of light, particularly in personal protection equipment, whereby Trans-Textil will be playing a
groundwork role along with other partners. Strong laser beams are finding increasing use in industrial production
methods and measurement techniques, but the development of suitable protective fabrics is still very much in its infancy.
» Prosys Laser Pdf (4 MB)

Neue Karten im Spiel

Trans-Textil GmbH refines its multifunction concept -
Long-lasting optimised functions

Application-oriented high-performance fabrics based on a perfect interplay of components and processing
technologies are one of the main strengths of Trans-Textil GmbH. The development, lamination, finish
and coating specialist has refined a number of the componentsin its line-up in the personal protection
equipment field. Its efforts in this respect have mainly been concerned withimproving the permanence
of product features and achieving a longer lifecycle for enhanced effectivity and efficiency. more

Bundesverkehrsminister Ramsauer
Trans-Textil GmbH in conversation with the Transport Minister
Dr. Peter Ramsauer finds out about Freilassing’s textile technologies of the future

Trans-Textil GmbH took the Parliamentary Evening of the Carbon Composites Association (CCeV) at the Federal
Office of the Free State of Bavaria as an opportunity to present itself in the capital as a medium-sized company
to ministry employees and members of the federal and state parliaments. The Freilassing-based business invited
Federal Transport Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer to find out about the latest functional textile applications in
lightweight construction.

Flame and heat protection
The latest hot thing: High Temperature Concept by Trans-Textil
Flame and heat protection textiles in outstanding technical quality

Trans-Textil's High Temperature Concept portfolio comprises all the textile elements of turnout gear, ranging from liquid barriers
and insulating linings to breathable and leakproof shoe At the Interschutz 1010 in Leipzig Trans-Textil showcased new ideas
in the flame and heat protection field, such as special 3D spacer systems. more

Novosan Ski

Heatable foot bag for wheelchair users

Featuring a mesh of metal fibres integrated into the composite fabric, the foot bag offers warmth at the press of a button.
Plus the fabric wicks away moisture and shrugs off wind and weather.


Topaz Clean 4 green

Topaz Clean4Green

Topaz Clean 4 greenTopaz Clean4Green is an eco-friendly finish that provides optimum water repellence for
leisure apparel and light protective clothing. Topaz Clean4Green does not involve silicone or halogen and has an aqueous
base, making this finish for rough weather protection an environmentally compatible alternative in terms of production,
further processing and use.

Topaz Dual Guard

Topaz Dual Guard

Topaz Dual Guard  Topaz Dual Guard protects apparel in a double way - not only does the novel finish lastingly
repel water, oil and dirt, it also offers improved wash removal of oil and graphite stains, thus helping EN 471 protective
clothing to retain its high visibility for a longer period. Topaz Dual Guard also offers all the conventional product features
required for personal protective equipment and along with enhanced longevity, ensures economic efficiency with regard
to industrial washing and finishing procedures.

Topaz Airtouch

Topaz airtouch

Topaz Airtouch  Topaz airtouch will prove to be a real lightweight in clothing use. Applied in fine droplets
to the membrane involved, the new coating protects the membrane from wear and tear and results in a laminate that can
be worn directly against the skin, doing away for the need for a lining. As an additional advantage, Topaz airtouch coatings
are made on an eco-friendly aqueous basis, and can also be modified or upgraded for specific applications.

Topaz Bimicro

Topaz bimicro

Topaz Bimicro  Trans-Textil is placing a further new development on the market in the form of the Topaz
bimicro membrane. This unprecedented product combines the characteristics of a microporous ePTFE membrane with
those of an equally microporous protective polymer layer for high water vapour transmission and variable air porosity at
high water impermeability. Topaz bimicro can be optionally upgraded with Cocona® natural technology™ utilizing activated
carbon derived from coconut husks.

High-tech jackets for school cross guards

Safety first: Trans-Textil recently provided all of Freilassing's school crossing guards with high-visibility weathergear jackets.

Girls Day 2009
Girls' Day

Two schoolgirls visited Trans-Textil GmbH this April on Girls’ Day, a German-wide initiative to encourage girls to take
up a technical occupation. A whole day long the two girls learned a lot about the apprenticeable trade of textile finisher
and saw how high-tech textiles are made in Freilassing.

VAP® Hightech-Textilien auf der ILA 2010

In June, Trans-Textil exhibited multifunctional VAP® membrane systems at the 2010 Berlin Air Show (ILA), placing its products
on display at the German Economics and Technology Ministry booth in a joint showing with the German Industrial Association
for Finishing, Yarns, Fabrics and Technical Textiles (IVGT). The aerospace sector is regarded as one of the most exacting
and sophisticated application fields for VAP® and other state-of-the-art textile technologies.

Trans-Textil and EADS VAP technology

VAP® presentation at JEC Composites Show

Joint marketing of VAP® technology by EADS and Trans-Textil got off to its official start at the JEC Composites Show in Paris.
At the companies' joint showing at the largest composite fair in Europe, the main attractions consisted of large complex integral assemblies,
such as an Airbus pressure bulkhead and a prototype fuselage for Diamond Aircraft's D-Jet, both fabricated in the VAP® membrane-assisted
low pressure infusion approach. Much attention was also paid to Trans-Textil's innovative multifunctional textile solutions for VAP®-assisted
fabrication of large complex structures.

Update in heat protection

Trans-Textil has developed its first fully-certified products in accordance with the recently-launched EN ISO 11612 standard on heat- and flame-
resistant clothing. more



03. - 06.11.2009, A+A, Hall 09, Booth 9F03, Düsseldorf
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16. - 18.06.2009, Techtextil, Frankfurt, Hall 3.0, Booth H56
At the Techtextil Frankfurt show, Trans-Textil GmbH will be underscoring its strong position in the development and production of multifunctional
high-performance fabrics by unveiling numerous additions to its product range (Hall 3.0, booth H56).
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At the Munich Fabric Start show on 3 - 5 February, Trans-Textil will be presenting its 2010 summer print collection as well as new basic fabrics,
new standard fabrics for blouse and shirts and children's patterns. Come by and see us at booth F14 in Hall 4.


euroLITE: Membrane laminates for VAP® technology In June, Trans-Textil took part in the Eurolite International Trade Fairfor Lightweight Design.
Displaying its wares at the »Carbon Composites Association booth, it mainly showcased advancedmembrane laminates especially developed for
the VAP® lightweight construction method.

At the Expoprotection (04 till 07 November 2008) in Paris Trans-Textil will present new textile solutions for protective workwear applications.
Visit us in hall 5, stand N° 78B.

Successful recertification of quality and environmental management system
Quality and environmental awareness form the basis of the high standards upheld by Trans-Textil. This was recently corroborated by an
audit by the Austrian Technical Control Board (TÜV Austria), which confirmed Trans-Textil's adherence to the EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001
standards in all counts.

Jubilee celebrations at Trans-Textil!
Our company is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. Since 1978 the name Trans-Textil has stood for innovative functional fabrics
as well as expertise in the fields of lamination, coating, textile finishes and printings.

Pending trade shows
Following the JEC Composites Show in Paris, Europe's largest event for the composites community, and the Protex trade show for occupational
safety and functional workwear, Trans-Textil will be taking part in the Eurolite International Trade Fair for Lightweight Design on 24 - 26 June 2008,
displaying its wares in collaboration with the Carbon Composites Association at the Salzburg event.

HV softshells -
These highly visible and elastic trilaminates according to EN 471 fulfil all wellbeing requirements thanks to use of inner fabrics such as 60°C
washable fleeces and Cocona fabrics incorporating coconut shell-based activated carbon.

Protex, 8. - 10. April of 2008, Salzburg, Halle 2 B005:
The international trade fair for safety at work will be opened forexperts from Austria, southern Germany and the eastern European
neighbouring countries, for the first time. The participation is a mustfor Trans-Textil, which is located on the German side vis-à-vis Salzburg.

JEC Composites Show, 1 - 3 April 2008, Paris:
At Europe's largest event for the composites community, Trans-Textil will be exhibiting membrane laminates suitable for use in the
VAP® resin infiltration production technique. Drop by and see us at the booth operated by the German Carbon Composites Association,
of which we are a member.


The Techtextil 2007 and A+A 2007, as the Munich Fabric Start proved to be very successful fairs, visitors at Trans-Textil booths
showed proved to be a very successful fair, visitors at Trans-textil booth showed a great deal of interest in 3D developments as
well as such new produchts as Softshells trilaminates and PFTE Duo laminates.

The certification according to EN ISO 14001 and the control according to EN ISO 9001 of Trans-Textil's management system
were finalised on the beginning of July 2007 by an audit of the TÜV AUSTRIA, successfully.

Trans-Textil has developed a 3D liner that reduces the overall weight of firefighting gear by 15 percent.
Involving the combination of a liquid barrier and special 3D insulating layers, the liner improves the breathability and comfort factor
of firefighting jackets and trousers to a significant extent.

At the Techtextil on 12 – 14 June, Trans-Textil GmbH of Freilassing will be displaying functional textiles involving new technologies
and intelligent ideas at booth G 46 in hall 3.0 with the focuses on PFTE Duo and HV softshells.


Trans-Textil receives the 2006 Regional Economic Development Award:
Winning the 2006 Regional Economic Development Award has been the climax of a very successful year for Trans-Textil.
Our innovative development work, the jobs we have created and our caring environmental ethic all find acknowledgement in this award.

November 2006
On the occasion of a visit in Freilassing of more than 50 students and teachers of the Masterschool for Fashion Munich,
Trans-Textil had been able to show of how enriching promotion of young talents could be. This extracurricular activity has been
the starting signal for the competition “Workwear for street danger zone”.

Multi Point Coating
stands for new product synergies of Trans-Textil: laminates and coatings will be combined by the latest technology.

"PUDOTS®" – Knopped thermal isolation lining
The new thermal isolation lining by Trans-Textil forms a cushion of air between the lining and the outer shell of clothing with the help of
knops made of high-temperature-resistant PU foam. The knops themselves are applied to an aramide nonwoven laminate in a special coating
process, and the air trapped between the knops keeps heat away from the body. PUDOTS® linings by Trans-Textil are 20 – 40 percent lighter
than usual thermal isolation systems.

"PTFE Duo" – Microporous laminate with a high-tech coating
Trans-Textil's PTFE Duo has met with broad recognition on the market this year. Consisting of a highly breathable microporous laminate
twinned with a high-temperature-resistant coating, the product provides a high degree both of impermeability and resistance to water and chemicals.


C+D trade show, Budapest, 23 – 26 November 2005
Trans-Textil will be represented by its new partner Teens Textil kft. at the 7th Central European Defence and Aviation Exhibition in
Budapest this year. Trans-Textil products can be found at the event at pavilion B, booth 3/B.

Comfort stretch made with OnPoint
High elastic materials are used within the new generation of laminates for protective clothing. These fulfil the standards EN 343 and EN 471,
and at the same time the highest comfort requirements, due to the production with the OnPoint.

Silver-fibre surgical laminates
An innovation coming from Trans-Textil are antimicrobial laminates, developed on the basis of Trevira Classixx Bioactive fibre.
The guarantee of highest hygiene for "high performance" applications in the operational theatre is one target of this new product range.

A+A 2005, Düsseldorf, October, 24-27
Trans-Textil will be exhibiting also this year its latest developments for the Personal Protective Equipment
at booth 2D31 in hall 2.

Quality system according to EN ISO 9001
The recertification of Trans-Textil's quality system was finalised on 24th of June by an audit of the TÜV Austria, successfully.

"Technical textiles and innovative apparel fabrics are still gaining ground - the mood in the sectors is optimistic!"
The Trans-Textil booth on Techtextil fair was attended as never before. Our guests have looked upon all the ideas based on the new
OnPoint technology and the new articles for different PPE areas very favourably.

An innovative OnPoint laminate is Two-in-One, a liquid barrier and insulating lining in one that fulfils the requirements of
the EN 469 standard for firefighting clothing.

One of the first results of OnPoint technology is the new ComfortLine by Trans-Textil, a range of new functional textiles
characterised by a low total weight and a pleasantly soft and flowing handle.

Trans-Textil will be taking part in the Techtextil fair on June 7 - 9, 2005, presenting a range of laminates incorporating its
new OnPoint technology at booth G 46 in hall 3.

Innovations in the leisure wear area
During a foul weather period sailors have to be protected, but at the same time they should be visible, particularly with regard to the
offshore region. Trans-Textil's new high-visible laminates for specific sailor clothing fulfill these reqirements.

Successful market launch in the surgical field
Trans-Textil recently modified one of its laminates for surgical drapes to enhance liquid control still further. The solution offers
high absorbency in combination with impermeability over the whole life cycle, and has since been launched on the market.

Munich Fabric Start, february 9 - 11, 2005
the European preview fair of garment fabrics, Trans-Textil will again be displaying its advances in protective workwear and wearable
weather protection as well as the latest fashions in men's shirts and ladies' outerwear.


The Trans-Textil GmbH booth attracted a lot of attention at the ENTRY SK + RESCUE-SECUREX +PROTEC security and safety
technology air in Bratislava, Slovakian Republic, with trade visitors from almost all East European states enquiring about fabrics
and laminates for safety and protective gear.

ENTRY SK + RESCUE-SECUREX +PROTEC Security and Safety Technology Exhibition Bratislava, Slovak Republic,
September 20 - October 1, 2004:
Following many years of sales activities in Eastern Europe, Trans-Textil will be exhibiting its functional textiles for the first time at a
fair in a new EU member state.

Munich Fabric Start, Munich, September 7 - 9, 2004:
Trans-Textil will be exhibiting its latest ideas for fashionable print collections for men's shirts ans ladies' outwear.

Cinte Techtextil China, Shanghai, September 1 - 3, 2004:
Trans-Textil will be putting its products on display for the first time at this event, which will be taking place at the International
Exhibition Center (Intex). You can find us at the German Pavilion.