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Protection and comfort in shoes

High-tech membrane laminates for the shoe industry

Trans-Textil's broad portfolio of membrane laminates and products with further finishing treatments enable the ideal
interplay of components and technologies in footwear products. Outerfabrics, breathable liquid barriers and textile
linings – all geared to the application in question – ensure best possible protection and well-being for work and safety
shoes according to DIN EN ISO 20344 as well as quality women’s, men’s and children’s shoes for outdoor, sports and
leisure use. Trans-Textil’s innovative lamination and coating processes and its proprietary transfer process broaden
the options for individualised product design and also guarantees superb comfort and durability.

This enables Trans-Textil to offer a unique degree of freedom in the production of textile laminates for membrane shoes
offering the optimum in price, technical attributes and additional functions.

Topaz Elements Membrane System

Trans-Textil offers a broad portfolio of track-tested water vapour permeable moisture barriers for use in the breathable and
watertight climate membranes that form the central component of all functional textile laminates. Each featuring a skin-friendly
surface, its Topaz laminates ensure outstanding comfort thanks to their swift removal of moisture and heat, plus they also offer
a high degree of abrasion resistance as well as reliable protection against water ingress even in extreme weather. This offers
shoe manufacturers a broad range of choices in track-tested membranes. Trans-Textil also develops and fine-tunes its own
membrane production and finishing processes and places its exclusive textile technologies at the disposal of the market all
over the world.

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Premium shoe linings Point-in-point Topaz Membrane System

Premium shoe linings

Unique lamination process

Topaz ELEMENTS membrane systems

Topaz shoe laminates fulfil the high requirements of the EN 344-1 standard for safety shoes, protective shoes and working shoes for professional use.

The individual layers of the linings
are spot bonded according to our
unique point-in-point process. This
ensures that the dots of adhesive
are applied at exactly the same
points on both sides of the
membrane for greater robustness
in shoe production and daily wear.

It also means:
  • 60 % more breathability
  • low distortional tendency
  • greater wear comfort
  • longevity

Trans-Textil only uses textile
components that meet the highest
requirements in terms of perfor-
mance, comfort and ecology for its
shoe laminates in the area of inner
lining and sole material. For the
first time, Topaz ELEMENTS
membrane systems also provide
breathable moisture barriers that
are manufactured on a purely
water-based basis and without
the use of PFCs or other polluting
substances and that are specially
tailored to the needs of the shoe.
In this way, we meet ecological
responsibility as an overall
principal without compromise in
every component.