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Flame Retardance
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Flame retardance

Keep your cool - with Trans-Textil's high-temperature concept in line with EN 469/EN ISO 11612/HuPF requirements.

Trans-Textil is the one-stop shop for all the components that go into fire turnout gear and heat-exposure workwear:
outerfabric, liquid barrier, combined heat and liquid barrier and compatible seam sealing tape.

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Topaz FX – Fighting Heat Stress   

Topaz FXThe patented „low heat stress“ technology Topaz FX from Trans-Textil makes flame resistant high performance textiles even lighter and more breathable. Topaz FX thus reduces the risk of heat stress and enables increased physiological performance in use. 

Topaz FXThe permanent 3D structure of Topaz FX, as an active moisturedynamic grid, ensures optimized moisture management, the rapid transport of sweat away from the body and fast drying.

The Topaz FX technology is available as 2- and 3-layer  laminate with waterproof, breathable high-performance membrane systems from Trans-Textil, as well as lining fabric, base layer and protective hoods offering up to 60% less weight. All components are certified accoding to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.




Hightech PU Membrane 3D liners Quilted linings Multifunctional Flame-retardant Wovens

Topaz 251 high-tech PU membranes

3D liners

Quilted linings

New transfer-printing technology

Our track-tested Topaz 251 high-tech PU membrane system is used for all types of liquid barriers.

This high-temperature-resistant polyurethane has a high softening range in the area of 230C (according to the scorch test) and is hydrophilic, highly breathable, highly elastic, non-blocking and offers an impermeability value of 200 cm (HuPF) after dry cleaning and oven testing.

Topaz 251 is wash fast up to 95C, suitable for steam sterilisation up to 134C and highly suited for seam sealing and patch application.

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The 3D liners developed by Trans-Textil incorporate spacers that reduce the overall weight of firefighting turnout gear by 15 percent for lightweight heat protection.

Involving a combination of liquid barrier and special 3D insulating layers, the liners significantly improve the breathability and comfort factor of firefighting jackets and pants.

The air trapped between the spacers on the insulating layers keeps outside heat away from the body.

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Our laminate systems made up of a liner quilted to an additional insu-
lating layer provide optimum heat protection in line with EN 469 requirements.

Trans-Textil provides many other solutions in the field of flame retardance and heat protection.

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Textiles 2015

Trans-Textil GmbH has developed
a new generation of printed
laminates that combine the
characteristics of multifunctional
flame-retardant wovens with
transfer printing technology.
Along with offering optimum pro-
tection against numerous hazards,
the textiles enable a wide variety
of colouration and design possi-
bilities. As test results show,
transfer printing does not affect
the protective characteristics,
surface feel, breathability,
thermophysiological comfort and
wearability of the new laminate
types in any way.