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TOPAZ Elements

China Windpower 2019

China Wind Power
22. - 24. October 2019
Beijing, China
German Pavillon
Hall E1, Stand A14 - Q mehr Info

A+A 2019

A+A 2019
05 - 08 November 2019
Hall 09, Booth 9A61 mehr Info

Performance Days 2019

Performance Days
13. - 14. November 2019
Fair Munich
Hall C1, Booth P22 mehr Info

Internationa Textile Conference Dresden 2019

International Textile Conference
28 - 29 November 2019
International Congress Center Dresden mehr Info

JEC World 2020

JEC World 2020
Paris North Villepinte
03– 05 March 2020
Hall 5, Booth Q30 mehr Info

Interschutz Hannover 2020

Interschutz 2020
Fair Hannover
15 – 20 June 2020
Hall 15, Booth D01 mehr Info


Corporate Video

Corporate video Trans-Textil mehr Info

SVAP® 3D ready-mades
VAP® 3D ready-mades for large aerospace structures

(02 September 2019)

VAP® 3D ready-mades developed and produced by Trans-Textil together with the Center for Lightweight Production at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR-ZLP) in Augsburg have again enabled the two partners to demonstrate the potential of prefabricated material kits adapted to component form. As part of the "Optimized vacuum bagging for CFRP rocket booster cases" project, DLR and Trans-Textil recently implemented the concept of instant-use multifunctional textile auxiliary packs in the case of a full-scale final-stage booster demonstrator measuring 3.4 metres in diameter and 6 metres in length for the Ariane 6 launcher.

Successful recertification
VAP® technology for European satellite mission

(28 August 2019)

As of 2021, the MetOp Second Generation A Satellite Mission will be measuring trace gases, ozone and aerosol in the earth's atmosphere, thus contributing to continuous air quality monitoring in particular. In the context of the European Copernicus Programme, the satellite mission will be expanding our planet's extensive climate records in this way. Under contract to the European Space Agency, Airbus Defence & Space GmbH develops and produces carbon fibre-reinforced components for the Sentinel 5 instrument involved, using Trans-Textile's aerospace-qualified VAP® membrane system in the process. VAP® technology is thus making a substantial contribution to consistent and high-precision production of the ultralight components.

Successful recertification
Cooperation for textile laser protection

(06 July 2019)

The use of powerful laser systems is gaining in importance in many areas - and with it the need for intelligent solutions for the protection of people and technology. With their increased cooperation, JUTEC® GmbH and Trans-Textil GmbH are pursuing the goal of further expanding their joint development of multifunctional smart textiles for laser protection "Made in Germany".
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Successful recertification
Successful recertification

(22 June 2019)

Trans-Textil's recertification to the international EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 standards attests to the high standards it maintains in the area of quality and environmental management. As the independent and impartial auditors at TÜV Austria Cert GmbH confirm, Trans-Textil's management system is in conformity with the latest versions of the standards. The company's commitment in this respect is complemented by its certification to OHRIS in the areas of occupational and plant safety.
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AQUAIR - water-based breathable imitation leather

AQUAIR - water-based breathable imitation leather

(24 April 2019)

Purely water-based formulation components are the starting point for AQUAIR, the highly breathable synthetic leather by Trans-Textil. The manufacturing process not only completely dispenses with organic solvents, but also offers a high degree of design freedom in terms of structure, colouring and technical properties of the abrasion-resistant AQUAIR functional layer. In conjunction with the extensive portfolio of membrane systems, substrates and textile technologies, the process creates sophisticated multi-layer products for shoe, apparel, furniture or accessories.

AQUAIR - water-based breathable imitation leather

Topaz COMPANION: ultra-light sportswear laminates

(24 April 2019)

With its external breathable, windproof and waterproof functional layer, the ultra-light Topaz COMPANION laminates have been specially developed as a daily companion for outdoor activities and athleisure-wear in cycling or running. The open textile structures of the fine fabrics and knits on the body-side provide a pleasantly dry feeling on the skin and at the same time provide maximum breathability through direct access to the functional Topaz membrane. In addition the 2-layer systems certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® offer high abrasion resistance as well as an extremely small pack size.

3D Warp Knit Laminates
3D Warp Knit Laminates - targeted controlled performance

(27 March 2019)

With the new 3D Warp Knit laminates from the Topaz FUSION collection, Trans-Text GmbH and its partner Penn Textile Solutions have achieved a true textile innovation "Made in Germany". Targeted functional areas based on body regions for protective, outdoor and leisure clothing are integrated directly into the digitally controlled knitting process. For example, mesh zones with targeted hole size for tailored breathability or abrasion resistant 3D structures can be placed exactly where they are needed. For a clearer view, transparent or coloured membrane systems from Trans-Textil are used as the design highlight in the 3-layer laminate. Oeko-Tex certified materials of European origin, PFC-free finishing from the Topaz clean4green line and short distances between the manufacturing sites through processing in Germany also ensure an environmentally responsible process chain.

Trans-Textil's laminates, contract manufacturing and transfer printing recertified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

(27 March 2019)

rans-Textil's own products in the area of functional laminates and transfer printing as well as the company’s contract manufacturing services have gained recertification under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. They have thus been tested for harmful substances according to the standard's latest criteria.

DBL Masterpiece German Design Award
DBL Masterpiece with laminate by Trans-Textil receives German Design Award 2019

(09 February 2019)

The new premium collection of DBL - Deutsche Berufskleider-Leasing GmbH (German Workwear Leasing)has now been awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2019 by the German Design Council. Decisive for this is the weatherproof jacket of the “DBL Meisterstück collection” (DBL Masterpiece Collection). The hallmark is the trendy combination of fashionable style and multifunctional workwear - certified to EN 343. Here, the laminate from Trans-Textil with its high-tech PU membrane system ensures reliable weather protection and comfort with high breathability. Thus, the jacket is suitable for daily use in the rental service for craft, industry and service. Robust workmanship in the unique point-in-point lamination technology also ensures durability and longevity in use and in professional leasing. Our partner, teamdress Stein Deutschland GmbH was responsible for the modern design
as well as the fashionable and functional details in the confectionery.

Becker Tuche Hightex Award
Award winning collaboration

(09 February 2019)

We congratulate our partner Becker Tuche on the "Hightex Award" of the
Munich Fabric Start. The jury awarded the Innovation Prize for a joint
development. The new laminate from the Wool Performance collection is based on a blend of wool, Cordura and elastane as well as a standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified membrane system and environmentally friendly Topaz clean4green surface finishing without PFC from Trans-Textil. With its high abrasion resistance, low weight and very good water vapor permeability the laminates especially suits for outdoor and leisure wear as well as corporate fashion.

Topaz Fusion: Fashion meets Function
Trans-Textil and STFI are working successfully on environmentally friendly equipment technologies

(10 January 2019)

The aim of ZIM project "Human Ecologically Safe Protective Fabrics" (a cooperation project with the Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (STFI)) was the development of other health-friendly protective textile laminates with environmentally friendly finishing processes for fire brigades, govern-  mental and outdoor clothing. The focus is on new water, oil, dirt and media repellent surface finishes with PFOA-free and fluorine-free formulations. The project results form the basis for the additional optimization of a resource and environmentally friendly production and are put into practical use by Trans-Textil in the context of the Topaz ELEMENTS concept in a market launch project.

Topaz Fusion: Fashion meets Function
Topaz Fusion: Fashion meets Function
Trans-Textil fashion style with innovative textile technologies

(28 October 2018)

With the new concept Topaz FUSION Trans-Textil bridges the gap between individual design and functional high-performance materials. Behind this is the combination of highly breathable and weatherproof multilayer membrane laminates with versatile possibilities of product design in textile printing or coating. This results in individual products for outdoor, leisure, sports and business wear as well as innovative shoe components, combined with a high standard of environmental compatibility.
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Wool Performance laminates
Wool Performance Laminates: Nature and high tech for stylish protection and

(28 October 2018)

Becker Tuche and Trans-Textil combine natural highperformance fibers with functional textile technology. Traveling to the office by bike is very much in vogue. It is a bonus when business clothing has a modern look while being durable for all types of weather. This is the result of the fusion of fashionably sophisticated design, breathability and waterproof high-tech membrane systems and natural wool, resulting in “Wool Performance” laminates jointly developed by Becker Tuche GmbH & Co. KG and Trans-Textil GmbH.
» Press release Pdf (2 MB)

Topaz ELEMENTS Membrane Systems
Topaz ELEMENTS membrane systems

(21 June 2018)

Trans-Textil only uses textile components that meet the highest requirements in terms of performance, comfort and ecology for its shoe laminates in the area of inner lining and sole material. For the first time, Topaz ELEMENTS membrane systems also provide breathable moisture barriers that are manufactured on a purely water-based basis and without the use of PFCs or other polluting substances and that are specially tailored to the needs of the shoe. In this way, we meet ecological responsibility as an overall principal without compromise in every component.
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40 years Transtextil GmbH
40 years of Trans-Textil GmbH

(07 February 2018)

Celebrate 40 years of functional textile solutions from Freilassing with us! Together we can look not only to the future, but also back on four decades characterised by close partnerships, numerous innovations and a firm commitment to quality and sustainability. Our thanks go to our employees, partners and neighbours for the many years of trusting relations.

Clean4Green: Trans-Textil expands its portfolio of fluorine-free outfits in weather protection clothing

(27 September 2017)

As part of its Topaz ELEMENTS concept, Trans-Textil GmbH has significantly expanded the technologies for fluorine-free surface finishing. For example, the Clean4Green product group offers numerous alternative environmentally friendly outfits, which offer ideal weather protection for outdoor, leisure and sportswear without PFC (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated compounds). The clothing products from Trans-Textil are certified according to standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Recertification audir OHRIS standard
Occupational Health and Safety at Trans-Textil
Management System recertified by the Upper-Bavarian OHSA

(11 August 2017)

A very high level of commitment in the area of occupational health and safety of the Trans-Textil GmbH, was attested within the scope of the recertification
audit through the OHRIS standard (compliant with international standard OHSAS 18001). Six years ago, Trans-Textil GmbH expanded its existing quality and environmental management system in the sense of local residents and employees with additional safety aspects. With the recertification, the government of Upper Bavaria now once again confirmed the high standard.

Network meeting Hightech and ecology
High-tech and ecology: the challenges and opportunities of the Bavarian textile industry
Network meeting at Trans-Textil GmbH

(11 August 2017)

The protection of natural resources is increasingly becoming a key factor in the future of the European textile industry. Trans-Textil GmbH has decided not only to follow the numerous regulations, laws and targets, but also to take an active pioneer role and invest heavily in new developments and technologies. With this in mind, the company invited partners from associations, politics and authorities to a network meeting at the Freilassing location. District Administrator, Georg Grabner, local Mayor Josef Flatscher, representatives of the VTB (Association of the Bavarian Textile and Clothing Industry), the economic promotion association of the Berchtesgaden Region, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology,
the Government of Upper Bavaria, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
and Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Chairman of the German Federal Government’s Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy, exchanged views on current developments and gained an impression of the commitment of Trans-Textil GmbH.

Topaz Dots 3D Coating Technology for Puma
Trans-Textil and Covestro team up with PUMA in the Champions League
Topaz Dots and INSQIN ® technology in the latest premium soccer shoe:
The evoPOWER Vigor

(04 April 2017)

UMA is unveiling its latest-generation “evoPOWER Vigor” soccer shoes in a global campaign in early 2017. The waterborne textile coating that gives the shoe its unique, three-dimensional look, reminiscent of snake skin, was developed and implemented by technology partners Trans-Textil and Covestro. Their focus was on innovative functionality for competitive and team sports, design, high technical standards and eco-friendly materials.
» Press release Pdf (290 KB)

Topaz Dots
Topaz DOTS: 3D coating technology

(09 March 2017)

Topaz DOTS 3D coating technology by Trans-Textil can be used to obtain singular 3D structures on textile surfaces or in multi-layer systems. Formulations on the basis of environmentally-friendly aqueous polyurethane (PU) are the starting point for a broad range of design options. In the 3D coating process involved, foam or paste is intermittently or fully applied to differing textile carrier materials on modern machinery and equipment for results in line with your requirements.
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best energy-scouts germany
Trans-Textil's apprentices among the best energy scouts in Germany

(20 July 2016)

Trans-Textil's apprentices have been on the lookout for energy-saving potential in the firm for over a year now. Having learnt about energy efficiency in a qualification measure provided by the Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the young energy scouts have since been taking a critical look at energy consumption levels in projects of their own, making suggestions for improvements in the process. Their outstanding project work – and that of 51 other teams of energy scouts from all over Germany – were recently honoured at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) in Berlin. At the ceremony, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy at the German Bundestag, and Dr. Martin Wansleben, Chief Executive of the DIHK, congratulated the energy scouts from Freilassing for their approach and the successes they have achieved at the firm to date.

Ready-mades for FRP manufacturing
VAP® 3D: Ready-mades for FRP manufacturing

(22 August 2015)

Specially devised to facilitate the vacuum infusion process in intricate components, VAP® 3D ready-mades developed by Trans-Textil reliably remove air and gas residues from the matrix around where they are deployed. Thanks also to their semi-permeable characteristics, they support use of VAP® membrane systems over entire component surfaces in exacting fabrication and repair assignments mehr Info

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