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characterises our functional textiles, thus explaining the confidence they inspire. Day for day they reliably shield wearers of outdoor, sports and leisure clothing from weather influences such as rain, wind and cold. They are also an integral feature of certified personal protective equipment for professional use, and in this role provide protection from fire and heat, static charge buildup or germs. Caring for vital natural resources such as air, water and the soil is an important aspect of our mission, both at our plant in Freilassing and wherever our textiles and fabrics find use in final products. Reconciling the protective effects of our products with sustainability is a challenge that requires commitment along the entire textile chain. We work on this day for day in collaboration with our partners, consistently pursuing this path step by step. 




Our goal

is to keep pollutant loads on man and the environment as low as possible. In line with our Topaz ELEMENTS concept, we are thus expanding use of alternative components specifically geared to the requirements of concrete applications. Environmentally sound formulations on a waterbased and PVC-free basis are a way of relinquishing harmful substances both in our manufacturing processes and in final products. Our use of alternatives that go easy on the environment is based on close collaboration with leading suppliers of textile auxiliaries as well as research and test institutes, and naturally also involves our highlyqualified application engineering team.




Production systems

of the most advanced type allow us to produce functional textiles in an energy-efficient and resourcesaving way and also enable us to implement new water-based finishing and coating technologies. Closely-knit official testing, voluntary environmentally- geared activities and certification to EN ISO 14001 and OHRIS (occupational and plant safety) reflect our commitment to environmental issues, spurring us in our on-going effort to obtain further improvements in the interests of our employees, neighbours and customers.

TOPAZ Elements Graphic


are concrete steps on the path to textile materials with the lowest-possible environmental impact over their entire life cycle. In our efforts we place particular significance on adherence to all appropriate legislation and directives and are already outperforming the respective limit values. Additional monitoring measurements by independent test institutes provide us orientation, spurring us to forward-looking action in the creation of textile solutions. Our functional products meet the latest requirements of STANDARDS 100 by OEKO-TEX® governing the testing of textiles for harmful substances. Additional monitoring measurements by independent test institutes provide us orientation, spurring us to forward-looking action in the creation of textile solutions.

Your ideas

on how we can improve the performance of our
functional textiles while lowering impacts on man
and the environment are very welcome. We invite
you to get to know our Topaz ELEMENTS concept
and share your ideas so we can work on them

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