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VAP Resin Infiltration
VAP VAP Resin Infiltration VAP VAP VAP VAP VAP


Membrane laminates for VAP® technology

Trans-Textil is licensed by EADS to produce highly-developed membrane laminates for use in the Vacuum Assisted Process
(VAP®) developed and patented by EADS. VAP® is deployed in the aerospace industry and in the production of wind turbine
blades for eco-friendly power generation. The process and not only makes the production of large lighweight parts more
cost-effective but also enhances the safety of the finished products.

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VAP Wind energy VAP lab VAP® membranes qualified for aviation applications

VAP®: How it works

Many years of experience in the wind energy field

VAP® lab

VAP® membranes qualified for aviation applications

In the production of fibre-reinforced plastic components on the basis of VAP® technology, liquid resin is poured into moulds and the whole structure is covered with a membrane laminate such as those made by Trans-Textil. Air molecules trapped in the resin can cause fractures and thus have to be extracted under vacuum. In this, the membrane laminates by Trans-Textil fulfil two purposes: they hold the resin in shape and offer micropores through which gasous molecules are able to escape.

Enhanced quality and process reliability

VAP® ensures:
  • enhanced part quality
  • greater production flexibility
  • shorter throughout times
  • consistent results

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(vacuum assisted process VAP)

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The membrane laminates made by Trans-Textil have been used in the production of wind turbine rotor blades for a number of years. We conduct research and development in this high-tech field, thus investing in cutting-edge technologies as well as alternative power generation methods.

Trans-Textil AIRBUS authorised LICENSOR

In its VAP® lab, Trans-Textil develops and tests combinations of membrane laminates, resins and processing approaches under realistic conditions.

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Trans-Textil GmbH, EADS-licensed manufacturer of central components for the patented VAP® method, has qualified its C2003 VAP® membrane system for aviation applications together with its partners Airbus Deutschland GmbH and Premium Aerotec GmbH. This places a new high-temperature- resistant and practically transparent material on the market for membrane- assisted vacuum infusion in the aerospace sector. The C2003 membrane system, a complete new development by Trans-Textil, acts as a reliable resin barrier for vacuum infusion processes and ensures dependable air and gas evacuation over the entire component surface. Specifically developed for use with certain resin systems at defined temperatures (up to 190°), it is already proving of value in the fabrication of aviation components.

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