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New Cards in the game


New cards in the game!

Topaz power Guard
Topaz power guard: excellent repellency against gasoline

Topaz power guard, a multifunctional finish developed by Trans-Textil, guarantees safety in challenging
situations by providing turnout gear with very good repellency against gasoline, excellent repellency against
water and outstanding repellency against mineral oil. Even after the clothing has undergone multiple wash
cycles. Flame-retardant laminates treated with topaz power guard provide additional protection against direct
contact with liquid fuels, such as gasoline and kerosene, and are used by the police in special operations
apparel and also in the protective clothing deployed in oil refineries.

Photo: THW Krefeld.

Prosys Laser
Prosys Project – Incubator of ideas for laser safety textiles

The Prosys international development project recently got off to its official start at a kick-off meeting
held at Trans-Textil GmbH in Freilassing, Germany. High-tech companies and research institutes will
be working together on this project to come up with innovative textile solutions for active and passive
laser beam protection.
» Prosys Laser Pdf (4MB)

New cards
Trans-Textil GmbH refines its multifunction concept -
Long-lasting optimised functions

Application-oriented high-performance fabrics based on a perfect interplay of components and processing
technologies are one of the main strengths of Trans-Textil GmbH. The development, lamination, finish
and coating specialist has refined a number of the componentsin its line-up in the personal protection
equipment field. Its efforts in this respect have mainly been concerned withimproving the permanence
of product features and achieving a longer lifecycle for enhanced effectivity and efficiency. more

heat protection
Update im Hitzeschutz

One of these products in line with the additional requirements of the new standard is a 3-ply flame-resistant
laminate that comes with an outer fleece layer in a modacryl/cotton mix. Offering a total weight of 380 g/m2,
the highly-breathable and multifunctional product has a RET (Resistance to Evaporating Heat Transfer) value
of < 17 according to EN343 Class 3. In addition to the usual standard colours, it is available in EN 471 neon
yellow and can be used in the fabrication of windproof jackets, waistcoats and pullovers.

Novosan Ski
Heatable foot bag for wheelchair users

Featuring a mesh of metal fibres integrated into the composite fabric, the foot bag offers warmth at the
press of a button. Plus the fabric wicks away moisture and shrugs off wind and weather.


Topaz Clean 4 greenTopaz Clean 4 green
Topaz Clean4Green

Topaz Clean4Green is an eco-friendly finish that provides optimum water
repellence for leisure apparel and light protective clothing. Topaz Clean4Green
does not involve silicone or halogen and has an aqueous base, making this
finish for rough weather protection an environmentally compatible alternative in terms of production, further
processing and use.

Topaz Dual GuardTopaz Dual Guard
Topaz Dual Guard

Topaz Dual Guard protects apparel in a double way - not only does the novel
finish lastingly repel water, oil and dirt, it also offers improved wash removal
of oil and graphite stains, thus helping EN 471 protective clothing to retain
its high visibility for a longer period. Topaz Dual Guard also offers all the conventional product features required
for personal protective equipment and along with enhanced longevity, ensures economic efficiency with regard
to industrial washing and finishing procedures.

Topaz AirtouchTopaz Airtouch
Topaz airtouch

Topaz airtouch will prove to be a real lightweight in clothing use. Applied in
fine droplets to the membrane involved, the new coating protects the
membrane from wear and tear and results in a laminate that can be worn
directly against the skin, doing away for the need for a lining. As an additional advantage, Topaz airtouch coatings
are made on an eco-friendly aqueous basis, and can also be modified or upgraded for specific applications.

Topaz BimicroTopaz Bimicro
Topaz bimicro®

Trans-Textil is placing a further new development on the market in the form
of the Topaz bimicro® membrane. This unprecedented product combines the
characteristics of a microporous ePTFE membrane with those of an equally
microporous protective polymer layer for high water vapour transmission and variable air porosity at high water
impermeability. Topaz bimicro can be optionally upgraded with Cocona® natural technology™ utilizing activated
carbon derived from coconut husks.