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The latest hot thing: High Temperature Concept by Trans-Textil   pdf (200 KB)
Flame and heat protection textiles in outstanding technical quality
Every component of the performance fabrics made by Trans-Textile
for flame and heat protection clothing is geared for use in the severest
of conditions and is produced using innovative technologies plus the
expertise resulting from years of collaboration with firefighting teams,
occupational safety experts and special task forces all over Europe.

EADS and Trans-Textil adopt joint approach for VAP® process   pdf (64 KB)
The quality, efficiency and success of lightweight construction work depend on
experience as well as knowledge of the latest developments in the field, such
as the VAP® vacuum-assisted approach. The processes and membrane systems
involved have international patent protection taken out by EADS and Trans-
Textil for all applications areas.

Multifunctional textile solutions for VAP®  Pdf (64 KB)
Trans-Textil GmbH supplies membrane systems – the central component in the VAP®
approach – for use in the respective membrane-assisted low pressure infusion work.
The combination its membrane systems involve of air- and gas-permeable resin barrier
plus sophisticated textile carrier enables a high degree of precision in the production of
complex lightweight parts.

VAP® membrane-assisted low pressure infusion  Pdf (64 KB)
The trapped air and reaction gases typical for closed infusion processes can result in
weak spots in the finished lightweight components. The EADS-patented Vacuum¥
Assisted Process (VAP®) uses the characteristics of semi-permeable state-of-the-art
membrane systems to exert vacuum over the entire area of a resin-infused mould to
remove trapped air and volatiles in an efficient and reliable manner.

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