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TOPAZ Elements

Munich Fabric Start

Munich Fabric Start
05 – 07 September 2017
Hall H4, Booth G04 mehr Info

Composites Europe 2017

Composites Europe
19 – 21 September 2017
Frankfurt am Main
Hall 4, Booth E60 mehr Info


17– 20 October 2017
Hall 9, Booth A61 mehr Info


Corporate Video

Corporate video Trans-Textil mehr Info

Topaz Dots 3D Coating Technology for Puma
Trans-Textil and Covestro team up with PUMA in the Champions League
Topaz Dots and INSQIN ® technology in the latest premium soccer shoe:
The evoPOWER Vigor

(04 April 2017)

UMA is unveiling its latest-generation “evoPOWER Vigor” soccer shoes
in a global campaign in early 2017. The waterborne textile coating that
gives the shoe its unique, three-dimensional look, reminiscent of snake
skin, was developed and implemented by technology partners Trans-Textil
and Covestro. Their focus was on innovative functionality for competitive
and team sports, design, high technical standards and eco-friendly materials.
» Press release Pdf (290 KB)

Topaz Dots
Topaz DOTS: 3D coating technology

(09 March 2017)

Topaz DOTS 3D coating technology by Trans-Textil can be used to
obtain singular 3D structures on textile surfaces or in multi-layer
systems. Formulations on the basis of environmentally-friendly aqueous
polyurethane (PU) are the starting point for a broad range of design
options. In the 3D coating process involved, foam or paste is intermittently
or fully applied to differing textile carrier materials on modern machinery
and equipment for results in line with your requirements.
» read more Pdf (2,8 MB)

Trans-Textil's product array recertified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

(08 March 2017)

Trans-Textil's own products in the area of functional laminates and
transfer printing have gained recertification under the STANDARD 100
by OEKO-TEX®. They have thus been tested for harmful substances
according to the standard's latest criteria.

Topaz Elements
Quality, innovation and ecology: success factors for functional textiles from Germany

(06 March 2017)

With its in-house development, state-of-the-art production facilities,
strong partnerships and a focus on quality and ecology, Trans-Textil
GmbH is fully committed to the future trends in the functional textile
market. The specialists for multifunctional textile systems at Techtextil
in Frankfurt (Hall 3, Stand H56) offer an insight into their latest develop-
ments - from 3D ready-mades for aerospace applications, through natural
fiber laminates and certified multi-risk protective clothing to the innovative
and environmentally-friendly Topaz Dots coating technology aqueous
» Press release Pdf (209 KB)

Wool laminates, 92114685 - Group of sheep, © Kavita
Wool laminates

(03 March 2017)

Evolution has equipped wool – a natural high-performance fibre –
with amazing properties. Multi-layer textile systems incorporating the
renewable material of wool offer ideal prerequisites for further
functionalisation and performance as well as a positive environmental
performance over its entire life cycle.
» Information Wool laminates Pdf (414 KB)

best energy-scouts germany
Trans-Textil's apprentices among the best energy scouts in Germany

(20 July 2016)

Trans-Textil's apprentices have been on the lookout for energy-saving
potential in the firm for over a year now. Having learnt about energy
efficiency in a qualification measure provided by the Munich and Upper
Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the young energy scouts
have since been taking a critical look at energy consumption levels in
projects of their own, making suggestions for improvements in the process.
Their outstanding project work – and that of 51 other teams of energy scouts
from all over Germany – were recently honoured at the German Chamber of
Industry and Commerce (DIHK) in Berlin. At the ceremony, Dr. Peter Ramsauer,
Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy at the German
Bundestag, and Dr. Martin Wansleben, Chief Executive of the DIHK,
congratulated the energy scouts from Freilassing for their approach and
the successes they have achieved at the firm to date.

TÜV Austria zertifiziert
Successful recertification

(20 July 2016)

Trans-Textil's recertification to the international EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO
14001 standards attests to the high standards it maintains in the area of
quality and environmental management. As the independent and impartial
auditors at TÜV Austria Cert GmbH confirm, Trans-Textil's management
system is in complete conformity with the new versions of the standards
(as revised in 2015). The company's commitment in this respect is
complemented by its certification to OHRIS in the areas of occupational
and plant safety.
» Certificates

Oekotex Standard Membranes
Topaz ELEMENTS: Membranes now certified to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100

(02 June 2016)

Our Topaz ELEMENTS concept involves continuous, on-going improvement
of our environmental performance and also that of our products, our goal
being to keep impacts as low as possible over the entire life cycle of our
functional fabrics to the benefit of man and the environment. We make high
requirements of both the materials we use and our new developments,
and as an important aspect have our laminates and contract processing
activities tested and certified to the OSTANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®y
independent institutes in this respect.
Our membranes on the basis of polyurethane (PU), ePTFE, polyester (PES)
or hybrid systems – also in the form of individual components – are now also
certified, showing that each one in our expanded portfolio is in keeping with
the latest Oeko-Tex criteria. As a component part of the laminates in our
own collection as well as those contract-produced to customer specifications,
our membranes find use in waterproof and breathable systems for occupational
safety workwear, personal protection equipment (PPE), shoe components,
medical devices and outdoor and leisure apparel.

Environmental Pact of Bavaria
Environmental Pact of Bavaria

(27 November 2015)

Due to its voluntary environmental measures, Trans-Textil GmbH has been
accepted again by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and
Consumer Protection as a signatory to the Environmental Pact of Bavaria.
For Trans-Textil this is the third time it is extending its participation, this time
for the term ending in 2020. The Environmental Pact of Bavaria is an agreement
between the Bavarian government and the Bavarian business community and is
based on the shared conviction that natural resources can be better safe-
guarded though voluntary and solid cooperation than through laws and regu-
lations alone. The overarching goal of the Pact is to improve corporate
environmental protection in every business sector. The certificate awarded
to mark Trans-Textil's renewed participation acknowledges its voluntary
commitment to corporate environmental protection and sustainable business

Ready-mades for FRP manufacturing
VAP® 3D: Ready-mades for FRP manufacturing

(22 August 2015)

Specially devised to facilitate the vacuum infusion process in intricate
components, VAP® 3D ready-mades developed by Trans-Textil reliably
remove air and gas residues from the matrix around where they are
deployed. Thanks also to their semi-permeable characteristics, they
support use of VAP® membrane systems over entire component surfaces
in exacting fabrication and repair assignments mehr Info

Component form
Solutions adapted to component form

(22 August 2015)

As part of the AZIMUT and RoCk projects and working in response to calls
for automated and optimized process chains, Trans-Textil and Composyst
have developed a new made-to-shape approach especially devised for large
aviation structures that need to be fabricated in one integral process.
Starting with the geometry data of the Airbus A350 pressure bulkhead, this
involved compiling the layers in the VAP® process lay-up into a VAP® 3D
material kit made up of instant-use textile auxiliaries that have been tailored
to the precise shape of the component mold mehr Info

Automated deployment of VAP® 3D materials
Automated deployment of VAP® 3D materials

(22 August 2015)

The large-scale, multi-layer made-to-shape VAP® 3D solutions come with
robot grip straps for swift, automatic and precisely-positioned layer stacking
in the mold. This almost entirely eliminates the need for laborious cutting work
and other preparatory tasks such as joining, positioning, repositioning and
fixing the layers by hand. The VAP® 3D material kit has already proved its
worth in a trial involving a full-size Airbus A350 pressure bulkhead in the
RoCk Projekt.
» Watch the RoCk project movie

TOPAZ Composhell
Functional laminates for environmental technology

(24 April 2015)

Topaz Composhell laminates support rotting and composition processes in modern waste utilization plants. The semipermeable membrane laminates enable control of the microclimate within the waste treatment system and thus speed up and optimise the composting and drying of organic waste. mehr Info

TOPAZ Elements
TOPAZ Elements

(08 April 2015)

Your ideas on how we can improve the performance of our functional
textiles while lowering impacts on man and the environment are very
welcome. We invite you to get to know our Topaz ELEMENTS concept
and share your ideas so we can work on them together. mehr Info

Multifunctional Flame-retardant 
New! Trans-Textil now able to print multifunctional flame-retardant wovens

(08 April 2015)

Trans-Textil GmbH has developed a new generation of printed laminates
that combine the characteristics of multifunctional flame-retardant
wovens with transfer printing technology. Along with offering optimum
protection against numerous hazards, the textiles enable a wide variety
of colouration and design possibilities. As test results show, transfer
printing does not affect the protective characteristics, surface feel,
breathability, thermophysiological comfort and wearability of the new
laminate types in any way.
» Press release

Reusable textile for operating room
Reusable textile for the operating room of the future

(22 December 2014)

In its "Operating Room of the Future" project, DTV Med, a section of the
German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV), addresses the challenges that
clinics will soon be facing. Along with cost-effectiveness and sustainability,
these involve issues such as the requirements that new generation of
employees and patients expect functional textiles to fulfil. Deployment of
single-use materials in the operating theatre, which leads to considerable
waste, is a case in hand. Reusable textiles in the form of washable surgical
gowns and drapes present a good alternative and are not only sustainable
but also of higher quality. Trans-Textil GmbH is a supplier of such functional
reusable textiles for high-performance surgical requirements.

» see Operating Theatre of the Future

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